I am a junior at NYU Gallatin concentrating in Cultural Entrepreneurship, a study of the ways in which global pop culture drives decisions on the individual and societal levels and how this framework can be applied to brand development in art and commerce. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and consider India to be a second home. Music, writing, and food are undoubtedly my three favorite things.

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Watching It Get Dark

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From a literary standpoint, Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” is a marvel. Incorporating the author’s innovative “Iceberg Theory” of restrained narrative development, a unique array of nuanced characters based on real expatriates and a culturally analytical fault line which frames and unravels the Postwar period, the 1926 novel is engaging in both form and content. Above all of its …

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Simulated Stratification

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Are we living in a simulation? Since the start of the semester, this metaphysical question has served as a running joke within the NYU Paris community, applying notably to those based in Maison de l’Ile de France (MIDF) at Cité Universitaire, a private student housing campus located on the outskirts of Paris’ 14th arrondissement. For most residents, this notion is …

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Les Pressions de Voyager

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Just like that, my semester in Paris is halfway done. The sprawling green lawns are now ornamented with crisp and multicolored fall leaves. Daily temperatures have securely plateaued below the 50-degree mark. And the stride in my step has been bolstered by a boost in confidence borne out of newfound familiarity. These shifts are decisive, and there is no going …

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Time Gone By, Time to Come

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Spatially and spiritually, Paris begs its inhabitants to reflect and ruminate in their surroundings. New York, conversely, is perpetually in motion, encouraging its citizens to strive for growth and velocity in both a quotidian and metaphorical sense. “Giovanni’s Room” by James Baldwin, released in 1956, explores this dichotomy through the vessel of a complex and deeply emotive romantic tragedy. The …

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Brown in the City of Light

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Sometimes, I feel as though the mere act of existing in Paris as a person of color is political. I do not fit in. I am brown, like a piece of burnt toast, adorned with cavernously sunken in eye sockets and an unmistakably foreign visage. Although my bright hazel-green iris’ conform to European aesthetic standards, my beard, in the way …

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The Elusive Essence of Paris

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To be completely frank, I have not yet discovered the central “spirit” of Paris. Certainly, I have benefited from phenomenal experiences that will never fade from my memory. I have encountered world-renowned landmarks firsthand, attaching myself to antiquated emblems of history. I have immersed myself in the local art scene, frequenting impressionist museums and attending concerts at local venues across …

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Foreign Familiarity

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Unsurprisingly, knowing French while living in France has proven to be extraordinarily convenient in a practical sense. Furthermore, honing an understanding of the language has provided me with a comforting sense of emotional familiarity and belonging, a privilege that I did not expect to enjoy so quickly. For years, my relationship with the language was confined to classroom settings. Having …

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Quietude in Normandy

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As a Los Angeles native and a New York City resident, I am able to derive a certain level of comfort from key aspects of contemporary urban planning, including those outlined by Kevin Lynch. In metropolitan spaces, I wield the longstanding capacity to use landmarks as frames of reference; Paris, notably, is home to the globally unmistakable Eiffel tower, whose …