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Confused, but Learning

In 3. Language, Florence, The Art of Travel by Sam1 Comment

I did try to prepare myself for this semester by using Duolingo, but I can’t say that I got very far. By the end of the summer, my knowledge of Italian was still very limited, restrained to a few present tense verbs and some vocab for food and animals. It’s definitely getting better now that classes have started and I’m …

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Still Lost 50% of the Time

In 2. Wayfinding, Florence, The Art of Travel by Sam1 Comment

It was our third day here, and we were going for a walk. Starting point: our apartment by the Duomo. Midpoint: the Ponte Vecchio. End goal: the Piazzale di Michelangelo. Two minutes into our walk Eryn (who is also in this class) said, “I’m think we’re supposed to go right here.” I replied with, “No, I’m 100% sure we have …