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“I want to experience the place, not just take pictures of it.”

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“It’s a two-way street; the art and the literature make one more observant,” she said. “When one travels, one can imagine a yet-to-be-written novel or something to be painted, and then the traveler is engaged in a creative enterprise.” This was one of my favorite readings so far. As a photographer, I’ve really always had this mentality, that the experience …

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In Transit

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As I wrote in my first post, I am the kind of person who really likes to make the most of every opportunity, to the point of stressful insanity. Traveling, with its innate chaos and unpredictability, presents a unique challenge for a person like me. After figuring out the NYC subway system and transitioning to a bike, I really thought …

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Male Pivo

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The Czech Republic is known for its beer. Any NYU student who has or is thinking of studying abroad has heard of the Prague NYU site that the beer is cheaper than water. This is in fact often true. During orientation we heard from a famous YouTuber who hosts a channel on tourist tips and scams in Prague. He told …

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Shoes on Stones

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Inspired by Shoes My brown flats are ¼ size too big, and they get sweaty. The tops are suede, with peekaboo latticework. They’re fall shoes, but I am fashion blind. While my thighs shiver from the cold of Prague February, the bottoms of my feet slide around on the bottom of these flats. I can’t tell if the bottoms of …

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A Man Worthy of a Square

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I read Open Letters, a compilation of letters and essays written by Czechoslovakia’s first post-Communist president, Vaclav Havel. This man is a genius, and I don’t say that lightly. Our professors here, whether they knew him personally or admired him from the vantage of another front of the revolution, speak very highly of him. Havel seems to be one of …

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Prague, the Poem

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“What a stupid platitude, always to glorify the lie and say that poetry lives on illusions!” -Flaubert Prague is a poem. Its buildings line the cobblestone streets in a quietly proud parade, backs straight and looking toward the sky. The lighting in Prague is almost always ideal, soft and grey and serving at once as stark contrast and soft highlight …

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Take A Deep Breath, Tash

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“Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places, and saving them from abstraction and ideology.” -Pico Iyer I love New York. I miss it very much, for the most part: the dynamic energy, the diversity of people, the characters of different neighborhoods. I miss my favorite foods, for sure, and some of the opportunities I …