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Three Men on the Bummel

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The Three Men on the Bummel written in 1898 by Jerome K. Jerome is comical story about three men and a dog’s vacation experience across River Thames. The book is influenced by Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad with its humorous writing style and similar travel experiences throughout Germany. Jerome uses many small stories to illustrate the experiences of our characters, …

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A Tramp Abroad

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Mark Twain is a illustrative and hilarious writer. In his book A Tramp Abroad, he talks about his travels through Europe on foot. During his travels, he notes many things about Europe that is foreign and interesting to him. I was especially intrigued by the parts on Germany, because interestingly my 21st century experience abroad in Berlin could still relate …

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Since I’ve been in Europe, I’ve noticed, that it is quite easy and cheap to travel around Europe. There are many possible modes of inexpensive transportation. There are Buses, and Trains, and also Planes.I’ve had the opportunity to travel around Europe by Bus and by Plane a few times, and on these trips I have  discovered that bringing less with …