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Te quiero

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This feels like a break up. It’s the kind where we both know it’s coming and it’s for a good reason and there’s really nothing that can be done about it, it’s going to happen no matter what, but that doesn’t stop it from sucking any less. I know I always talk about being in Buenos Aires as being in …

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I didn’t start feeling beautiful until about a few years ago. I knew I wasn’t an ugly person, I don’t actually think anyone is (everyone is beautiful to someone), but when I thought about myself, “beautiful” just wasn’t a word that came up. Intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic, a little mean, crazy, spontaneous, social, outgoing, warm, friendly, awesome, loyal, brave, supportive, kind, …

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Che was a chess player

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In the preface of Buenos Aires: A Cultural History by Jason Wilson, Wilson writes that “this guide, aimed at foreigners to Argentine history and culture, strives to be informative, and arbitrary” (Wilson, xi). I’m glad to say that the book delivers. Peppered with insightful quotes from argentine and non-argentine figures alike, Wilson carefully selects anecdotes and stories to give the …

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Oh, girl.

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The diary format of Marina Palmer’s book, Kiss & Tango: Diary of a Dancehall Seductress, was a great vessel to capture Buenos Aires: informal, personal and usually unexpected. I thought this narrative structure worked with the story she was trying to tell and captured the essence of Buenos Aires with these daily penning down of thoughts and events. However, there …

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After travelling around South America last semester, I have come to accept it as an undeniable fact that I speak Argentine Spanish. This means that a word like chicken, which is “pollo”, comes out as po-sho instead of po-yo. Some people hate this accent and some people love it. I used to abhor it. I remember the sense of complete …

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Hi! Let’s begin with some facts. My name is Marsha Ho and I’m in Global Liberal Studies with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production. I spent Fall of Sophomore year in Florence but I’m currently a Junior and will be spending the Spring semester in Buenos Aires. I actually spent my Fall semester in Argentina as well as …