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On Using Maps

In A Sense of Place, SOP 2.0 by Maria Cilio1 Comment

I delete my Facebook every other month and always preach the importance of turning off one’s cell phone while with friends and family. I love putting the camera away when I travel and missing some of those perfect Instagrams in order to be in the moment and really see with my own eyes. I love to struggle to remember who …

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Home Is Nowhere

In A Sense of Place, Cosmopolitan by Maria Cilio2 Comments

I was completely moved by Pico Iyer’s talk on the subject of home and stillness. As a huge fan of travel writing, I have loved his work for a few years now. He has quite a way with words and I feel like his descriptions of feelings and images is both gentle and powerful. While he was describing his lack …

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Placemaking On The Bay

In A Sense of Place, Placemaking by Maria Cilio1 Comment

My family has been going down the shore for more than 50 years. Every summer growing up, my brother and I would pile into the car with three months worth of games, bathing suits, and, sand buckets to drive two hours to Long Beach Island, New Jersey. On LBI, the beach houses, big and small, line the one main boulevard …

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The Hostel

In Placelessness, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio1 Comment

I have been in so many hostels in my life and I have never felt ok in a single one. By ok, I mean anything you can think of – safe, comfortable, happy, scared, sad, excited, or content. Nothing. I feel nothing. A hostel is not a hotel – there are no pretty bathrooms, fluffy beds, or fresh soaps. There …

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Through A New Lens

In Landscape, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio1 Comment

The attention Jackson pays to the Vernacular Landscape and the usual, everyday places is refreshing. In most industries everyone is trying to focus on the biggest and best projects, those which will produce the most publicity, those with the most intense affect on others. Jackson’s focus on the opposite, the small yard, the gas station, the single family home, is …

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Battle of the City Planners

In Utopias, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio3 Comments

It is clear to me from these readings that there are an endless number of visions of Utopia. The perfect city is only a reality in one man’s mind and the correctly planned park, housing complex, or road is correctly planned by one alone. Among the three authors we read this week, there are three viewpoints, three opinions, and three motives. To quickly …

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El Mercado

In extra, extra 2 by Maria Cilio1 Comment

At dawn it is silent, but only for a short time. Everything is still except for the smoke that seeps out from behind a wall of red meats and yellow flowers. Light peers in from a crack in a plank of wood. They meet and the smoke lingers in the bright air and then disappears. It is forgotten. An old …

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In Orientation, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio1 Comment

Because of my Latin American Cultural Analysis concentration, much of my time is spent looking at the past histories and practices of Spanish-speaking America and Spain. Now, after four years of exploring ideas surrounding colonization, food studies, social justice, and material culture, I automatically associate the term “orientation” or, actually, its very opposite, with famous 15th century navigator Christopher Columbus. …

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My Block Is

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio1 Comment

My block is a living thing. Packed with tourists and students and workmen, it is lined with shops and lined with trash. A pigeon ripped in two lies next to an overpriced vintage boutique. Lovers kiss under a shade trees and neighbours help a man get his car out of the snow. My block is lemon in the morning and …

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Place As Power

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Maria Cilio1 Comment

Place rules our action and dictates our reaction. Place can make us feel powerless and make us feel in charge. Place can evoke any emotion it wants and both test our boundaries or put us at ease. Place is strong and influential and a teacher. I learned the power of place itself on a forty-passenger boat in the middle of …