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“Try” a Semester in Sydney!

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I was nervous to embark on my second semester abroad: I knew how hard it would be to be away from my normal life for four months, I had no idea what to expect in Sydney, and it was so unbelievably far away from home. I’m glad I came though, and I would definitely recommend the experience to other students. …

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Thinking Australian

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My favorite part about being abroad is that there are so many interesting things happening at home right now, and I love the perspective that Australian news/pop culture takes on these events. It’s fun to play pretend and observe my home culture from afar; it forces me to reevaluate how I define my American-ness. Every time Australians hear my accent, …

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Leaving Home

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When you’re halfway across the world from family and friends it can be hard to remember that life goes on without you at home. On Friday morning I got a text from my mom that jarringly brought me back to reality. “Moose died. Dad found him on the side of the road. Thinks he had a heard attack.” It happened. …

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Strange Country

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Sydney, Books (2) by Lydia Cap1 Comment

My second book, Strange Country: Travels in a Very Different Australia by Mark Dapin, is similar to the first book I read in that it is a comical compilation of the author’s experiences in Australia. Dapin was born in England but moved to Sydney in 1989, so he has an interesting combination of both an outsider and an insider’s perspective …

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Mid-Semester Reflections

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I thought I would use this post as a halfway point to reflect on my time in Sydney so far, while also comparing my feelings now to how I felt during my semester abroad in Ghana. I recently landed back in Sydney after spending a week in Thailand, and I feel much more at ease now than I felt when …

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The Trouble with Zoos

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Travel 2.0, Sydney by Lydia Cap1 Comment

This past weekend NYU Sydney took us to Featherdale Wildlife Park, sort of like an Australian petting zoo (with actual goats and ducks thrown in for the true petting zoo experience), and while there I had an uncomfortable brush with “Travel 2.0.” Featherdale is set up like a typical zoo, with cages and enclosures for various animals, but it is …

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In a Sunburned Country

In Art of Travel Spring 2016, Books (1), Sydney by Lydia Cap1 Comment

Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country is a laugh-out-loud compilation of his various trips to and across Australia mixed with relevant history lessons and eerie stories of what can go wrong when visiting the land Down Under. Even if you have never been here and never plan to visit, this book is a worthwhile read because it perfectly showcases the …

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My Wednesday (Your Tuesday)

In Sydney by Lydia Cap2 Comments

I absolutely thrive on routines. Whenever I find myself in an unfamiliar place I know that developing and sticking to a routine can help me adjust and feel more at home. When I was struggling with life in Ghana, my daily and weekly routines were key to helping me power through even the worst times. I’d like to focus this …

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Sunday Funday–Aussie Style

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To write this post I decided to take advantage of discounted Sunday public transportation ($2.50AUD to go anywhere!) and go to the beach. My friends and I picked Bronte Beach, a less-touristy local beach and while they were swimming I sat and watched: The sky is so blue; when I sit back and take everything out of my line of …

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Art of Travel, Round Two

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Hi all! My name is Lydia, I’m a junior, and I’m spending this semester in Sydney. I’m from New Jersey but call Long Island home. Over the years my concentration has evolved into a study of how public health, the environment, and development—more specifically development in African countries—intersect. I don’t know what job this will lead me to but for …