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In A Sense of Place, Cosmopolitan by Lauren P2 Comments

In the introduction to Cosmos versus Hearth (324-325), Yi-Fu Tuan posits that if most people were to have the same travel opportunities as those who are well to do–in education and travel–the earth’s ecological health and diversity would be endangered. Dorren Massey would most likely categorize Tuan as a reactionary based on his viewpoint, which advocates exclusivity and a “self-closing …

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5 Pointz for Landscape!

In Landscape, A Sense of Place by Lauren P2 Comments

My understanding of vernacular landscape, based on the Jackson readings, is that it is a glimpse of a man made culture through its interaction with the earth. Essentially, it’s a form of language inscribed in the earth. The culture uses the existing earth as a mold to hold and subliminally express values and traditions. Working around and with the earth, …

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Could You Sprawl Less Please?

In Suburbia, A Sense of Place by Lauren P1 Comment

Immaculate even-colored hunter green lawn hedged in by a white picket fence with an occasional dog guarding the property and 2.5 children playing in the yard. The American dream, at least the housing dream anyway. Often, discussions about the American dream conjure up the above imagery, one that clearly doesn’t fit within the context of a bustling metropolis but is …

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Serendipitous Utopia

In Utopias, A Sense of Place by Lauren P1 Comment

In the 1958 Fortune Classic article “Downtown is for People,” Jane Jacobs enumerates the features that make an urban environment successful. She posits that architects ought to consider how people use the streets before going to the drawing board in order to avoid disrupting the relationship people have with a space. That relationship, constructed over time based on people’s experiences, …

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Meadow Amidst Concrete

In Social life, A Sense of Place by Lauren P1 Comment

Given it’s fame, designing a space in New York City is likely a dream for architects. With 8.5 million people living on roughly 300 square miles, city planning for such a densely populated and diverse city is both challenging and exciting. Columbus Circle, Bryant Park and Central Park are among the growing numbers of public sites where people gather and socialize. …

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Where’s The Green Globe?

In Orientation, A Sense of Place by Lauren PLeave a Comment

I interviewed a fellow New York friend about her view of our hometown. The following is the transcript. LP: Which NYC area do you consider the easiest to navigate (by foot, car, bike etc.), and why? NE: Midtown West because I spent a lot of time in that area for work, gym, so many things… for social and professional activities. …

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The Ancient Spirit in a Modern Space

In Spirit, A Sense of Place by Lauren P3 Comments

I grew up going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whenever I walk in, it feels like a cathedral courthouse hybrid. Meant to stand tall as an authority, it houses arts of all variety across time and geography. The grand gallery, with its towering ceilings, echoes and bounces sound in a soft comforting tone. Always, large fresh flower arrangements sit, …

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No Sense of Place in t-h-i-s Place

In Experience, A Sense of Place by Lauren P2 Comments

On a bitingly cold winter morning, my family visited the Berlin Jewish Museum. Consisting of jagged windows strewn across steel walls, the building looked like a body haphazardly slashed with glass left in the place of the open wounds. The cold weather only emphasized the sharp features of the building’s infrastructure. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, known for several international architectural …