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British People For Dummies

In London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015, Books-2 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

American New York Times journalist Sarah Lyall begins The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British with a David Letterman-esque “Top Ten” list about the top ten signs that she had finally adjusted to living in Britain after marrying her English husband Robert. Lyall’s book is like a crash course in the British psyche, delving into everything from Mrs. Thatcher to hedgehogs and how …

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Of ardor and architecture (and chocolate)

In Walking, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

My roommate and I decided that there was only one truly proper way to celebrate the grand festive occasion we affectionately dubbed “Singles Awareness Day”: get chocolate and cupcakes.  That’s right, this year, February 14th became a Treat Yo Self day and we spent the entire afternoon trekking around London to find some of our favorite foods. The building where we …

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Fear Itself

In Arrivals, London, The Art of Travel Spring 2015 by Kerry Candeloro1 Comment

Greetings fellow travelers! My name is Kerry Candeloro and I am a Philadelphia native and a junior in Gallatin starting my study abroad program in London in a few days.  I am concentrating in (as of this week) what I am referring to as “Vocal Transformations”, which is a look at both synchronic and diachronic changes in the human voice.  …