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Leaving Home

In Florence, Open, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Katie Cooper1 Comment

I was never the child that was expected to move back to my home town and live in my childhood home. My parents infected me with the travel bug from a very early age but I guess that’s what happens when you live a plane ride away from all of your relatives. Transatlantic flights to London multiple times a year …

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According to Plan

In Florence by Katie CooperLeave a Comment

Is it possible to say that I don’t allow for things to go wrong when I travel? Yes, there are the usual personal tiffs that arise when traveling with the same people over a long period of time but when I find that my somewhat of a perfectionist nature takes to the traveling world, it becomes very hard for these …

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Travel 2.0

In Florence by Katie Cooper1 Comment

For as long as I have been independently planning trips and vacations, I have been highly dependent on technology. All of this new found technology was introduced as I was growing up and therefore was easily integrated into my lifestyle. It is hard to remember a time when I didn’t spend hours upon hours researching for a trip – looking …

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Saluti a Carnevale!

In Observing, Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Katie Cooper1 Comment

**This post is dedicated to the unreliability of European wifi and the realization that this piece never actually posted last week… Describing this week as a whirlwind would be an understatement. My entire residency building has been infected with bed bugs and my week has consisted of nothing but running back and forth between my old and new residence, completing …

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Come Se Dice

In Language, Florence, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Katie Cooper1 Comment

Throughout my entire life I have grown up between London and America where we speak English everywhere we go. I did not grow up in a dual-language household where I had the ability to learn a second language from birth – even though American English has many differences from the language spoken and written in England. Yet I was fortunate …