Jacqueline Artz, GLS Program @ NYU

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My Paris in Art

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 10. The Art of Place, Places by Jaxx2 Comments

It’s funny how the classes at an abroad site are concerned with that city. I mean, I get it, and it makes sense, but how many different ways can the words “France,” “French,” and “Paris” be used in the title of a course (many, many different ways, actually). I actually choose Paris for my junior year study abroad location because …

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La Flâneuse

In The Art of Travel, Paris, 7. Free topic by JaxxLeave a Comment

It seems almost impossible to study in Paris without encountering the idea of Le Flâneur or La Flâneuse. They are the wanderers, loungers, strollers. They are those people who observe and comment on urban life, who walk to reflect and see the world around them. A friend of mine who studied here her freshman year even has a tattoo of …

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The Moveable Feast that is Paris

In The Art of Travel, 6. First Book, Paris by Jaxx2 Comments

Though I have only been in Paris for a month, I can already tell that Ernest Hemingway’s depiction of the city in his sorta-memoir A Moveable Feast is still accurate. I’ve written about this in past posts, but Paris is a slow city. Throughout the book, Hemingway sits at various cafes eating and drinking and sitting and writing, at least when he’s …

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Stumbling Along…

In 3. Language, The Art of Travel, Paris by Jaxx1 Comment

I love Reid’s quote about watchful silence because that is the best way I can describe my actions in Paris thus far. I have studied French for a few years and can stumble along, using my hands to help form my words. I find that, for the most part, I communicate effectively, getting that cup of milk or the bill …

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Alors, nous aimons!

In 1. Greetings, The Art of Travel, Paris by Jaxx1 Comment

My name is Jaxx Artz and I’m a junior in Global Liberal Studies concentrating in Arts and Literature. I chose to spend my junior year in Paris because I want to become fluent in French, and the arts and literature courses in Paris seemed so interesting. I’ve been here a week so far, and I’ve realized how I have been …

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Living Books

In The Travel Habit, WPA guidebooks by Jaxx3 Comments

Personally, I find that the WPA Guides served as a nice idea to kill two birds with one stone, if you will. One, they put writers to work and 2. They served as a push to get people to travel, for if you had the guide to New Orleans then why not travel New Orleans? I’m a bit mystified, though, …

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We Need A Break

In The Travel Habit, Tourism during the Depression by Jaxx2 Comments

It’s a phrase we’ve all uttered at least once in our lives. Hell, I’ve sighed, screamed, and cried out that phrase at least three times this school year. Where we are today, vacations are part of life. Schools have a few blocked out each year, the calendars filled with excited doodles of Christmas trees or beach umbrellas. Workers get vacation …