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Something Good

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 15. Farewells by Havana Liu2 Comments

What a truly strange thing it is to say goodbye to Something. Something cannot reply with a “farewell”, “see you soon”, or an “I will miss you”. Something cannot give a hug and wish for your safe travels. Something cannot even wave. In saying goodbye to Something, we are left with our inferences, our interpretations and perhaps our intentions. Something …

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A Garden of Cultural Knowledge: The German Way

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The text, The German Way: Aspects of Behavior, Attitudes, and Customs in the German-speaking World by Hyde Flippo runs through a multitude of categories that delineate the goings on of a German lifestyle. From broader topics like religion, dining and public transportation to more pointed topics like women in society and angst, the book is thorough to say the least. …

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Undercurrents of Ambivalence

In Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 10. The Art of Place by Havana LiuLeave a Comment

Large leather tassels attached to metal buckles swinging, brushing, and slamming themselves against the walls. A multi sensory experience, the piece lends itself visually to a view of brutality through its similar construction to a large whip, and aurally to a calming sensation—giving off a sound somewhat like wind chimes. The next room is primarily blank, other than a white …

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Book of Clouds: Can You Ever Escape the Past?

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Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis is the fictional first person account of a young Mexican woman named Tatiana who lives, dissociates, works, submits and ultimately searches for some semblance of identity while living in Berlin. Along with discussing universal topics like age and profession, the text specifically deals with the Berlin cityscape as a complex space layered with history, …

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A Re-evaluation of Self and Safety in Berlin

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At three O’clock on Saturday afternoon I woke up from a nap to the sounds of hollering, chanting and clapping outside my window. The NYU Berlin Residence Hall is located in Kreuzberg, next to a few decent size parks—in other words open space perfectly conducive to public gathering. I peeked through the shades with puffy eyes and saw a mass …

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The Itch, The Hunger, The Urge: Pondering Wanderlust.

In 1: Awakenings, Berlin, The Art of Travel Spring 2018 by Havana Liu1 Comment

Growing up in a travel-hungry family I have often wondered why the itch, the yearning, the need for travel is so strong, and what it is that drives the hunger. One might think that stability, love, and the comfort of home might be fulfilling enough for the average person. However, wanderlust seemingly perseveres. Pico Iyer brings up many answers to this …