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What is Weimar?

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There are 15 crucial years in between the first and second world war during which time Germany evolved from an economically depressed and socially discouraged society into a national socialist regime. This 15 year period, known as the Weimar Republic, gets little attention in history books. Christopher Isherwood paints an important and vivid picture of Weimar Berlin in his novel …

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City as Canvas

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My course load here in Berlin includes a class about ancient art. We have learned about manifestations of Germany’s imperialist, colonialist history in the art world; how the country’s bloody participation in the scramble for Africa resulted in their sordid ownership of several ancient artifacts, not to mention a scarily nationalistic attitude towards these ancient and modern cultures. So for …

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Political Bubbles Abroad

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I’ve found myself in several bubbles here in Berlin, but does awareness of bubbles alone really transform them? Only if you do something about it. The largest and strongest bubble, the one to which I’ve become most attuned since being here, shields me from the political happenings back in the United States. As many of my fellow travel writers abroad …

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Der Lorax

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I’ve always enjoyed autumn the most of all seasons, and it occurred to me right before I left for Berlin that I will not have experienced autumn in New York for two years. This realization at first tinged my excitement for Berlin with sadness. Autumn in New York just has a certain je ne sais quois–that same sharp New York …

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The Wall Jumper

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Every single day, I bike over where the Berlin Wall once stood. A wall that from 1961 to 1989 divided loved ones from each other, a wall that broke Berliners’ sense of home, that created two foreign cultures out of and in the same city, a wall that has forever shaped Berlin’s history and culture. And in 2018, I am …

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For Farrah the Fahrrad

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This first full week in Berlin has truly been spectacular; the friendships that had only begun to form last week have officially grown out of the welcome week getting-to-know-you stage and have evolved into real relationships, each and every one of my classes has exceeded my expectations, and I have begun to think of Berlin as a legitimate home, maybe …