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Falling in love abroad

In The Art of Travel, 12. Strangers, Sydney by Eliana1 Comment

My last intention when I came to Sydney for the semester was to fall into a relationship. “Take this semester to be selfish”, my friends all warned me. “It’s the one chance in your life to have complete freedom and not have to feel a responsibility to anyone.” I reassured them all confidently that the last thing that would ever …

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Into the Desert

In The Art of Travel, 11. Second book, Sydney by ElianaLeave a Comment

I’ve always loved reading adventure/memoir type books, like  Eat Pray Love or Into the Wild, because they never fail to inspire me to get up and make a change in my life instead of settling into an easy routine. Recently, I got the chance to take a road trip to the Stockton Sand Dunes a few hours outside of Sydney, to …

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The Beauty of a Band-Aid

In The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place, Sydney by Eliana1 Comment

As I walk through Fitzroy, my favorite neighborhood in Melbourne, I see endless laneways and buildings around me covered in beautiful graffiti and murals. The city is brimming with life and character, something I’ve been missing in Sydney these last two and a half months. Although living in Sydney is a dream, I’ve definitely been feeling a lack of art …

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Day of Silence

In The Art of Travel, 7. Free topic, Sydney by Eliana2 Comments

The cab driver repeats the word. “Nyepi.” My friends and I give him puzzled looks, never having heard this term before. “Everything close down” he explains in broken English. “No stores, no cabs, no lights..” We’re still unsure of what he means, but when we get home from lunch and type “Nyepi” into Google, we start to panic. Nyepi Day, …

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The Travel Bubble

In The Art of Travel, 8. Bubble, Sydney by Eliana1 Comment

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced two very different means of travel. The first approach, traveling in a bubble, is enjoyable for sure; the bubble has allowed me to create a sense of home and familiarity, and to skirt the inevitable discomforts of visiting a foreign country. But this is problematic, too. By staying within the bounds of comfort, we are …

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Reclaiming a Sense of Adventure

In The Art of Travel, 5. The Spirit of Place, Sydney by Eliana1 Comment

“Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure.” ~ Alfred North Whitehead My first week in Sydney, most of my time was spent moving into my dorm, and running around to different planned group outings and orientations, which were all centered around Chinatown, where our dorm is located, and Sydney’s Central Business District (much like the Financial District in …

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A Look Beneath The Surface

In The Art of Travel, 4. Politics, Sydney by Eliana3 Comments

Before my semester in Sydney, I had an idealized version of Australia in my head; it seemed like an eco-friendly country full of beautiful nature and wildlife and much less corruption than the United States. Over the past month, however, through my classes and field trips, I’ve come to understand that there are many significant issues here as well, even …

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How Ya Goin’ Mate?

In The Art of Travel, 1: Awakenings, Sydney by Eliana2 Comments

There’s something so refreshing and exciting about removing yourself from your normal life and starting over in a completely new and unknown environment. Yes, it may be daunting moving entirely across the world, (the 22 hour flight from New York to Sydney invoked the most fear for me), but throughout my life, I’ve found that travel makes me a better …