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The New Consumer

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The American Guides Series was published during the Great Depression as a work detailing major landmarks and attractions of each state of the country at the time. The initial reaction to these works is that they were simply guides to the country that were meant to promote tourism. However, recent scholars have identified these guides as problematic from a cultural and economic …

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Journalism Anew

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James Agee and Walker Evans were able to create a certain art form that was unique to its time. Evan’s idea set up a “historical model to see the present as though it were already the past (The Hungry Eye: Walker Evans, Films Media Group).” This technique he used made it so that his works would be something that could viewed …

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Authors of the Depression

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The correlation between the Great Depression and art is not obvious. For many people the Depression was little more than a time of great hardship for the nation. However, the Depression also gave birth to a new form of art that combined pictures and text together. Unlike similar pieces that may have come before the Depression era, these pieces were …

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America against America

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The concluding chapters of Grapes of Wrath further the destitute image of America that the novel had built up before. However, the biggest difference from Steinbeck’s work and the works of many other depression era writers is that there is a hopeful ending. The novel takes many symbols and elements from the bible and many figures in the story are …

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A Turtle’s Journey

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John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath provide an unforgiving account of one family during the Great Depression. However, through Tom Joad and his family’s interactions with other people on the road, a bleak picture of America is painted. The less wealthy members of American society sprung at opportunities to find employment. However, in one scene where the Joads near California, a …

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Dreaming of a New America

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The full title of the book is A Cool Million: The Dismantling of Lemuel Pitkin and it acts a satire of the works of Horatio Alger. Alger’s works were often about young and impoverished boys and their rise from their unfortunate situations to a middle class life. In fact, the works of Horatio Alger were all so similar to each …

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Solidarity of the Hobos

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The three different accounts document three varying experiences of hobos living during the Depression. In Somebody in Boots, the account is of a duo of an African American and presumably white boy traveling together. Sister of the Road details the travels of a woman who’s past had a terrible way of creeping up on her. Finally, Bound for Glory, tells …

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Hoboism in the Depression

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In Waiting for Nothing, the reader finds themselves behind the lens of a bum traversing the American landscape. The novel divides the different people seen in this landscape into three different categories: the predators, prey and scavengers. The focus is on the scavengers whom are the bums, likened to rats (Kromer’s ‘Waiting for Nothing’, Obropta 1). As a whole, the …

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A Broken People

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American people during the Great Depression gave off the vibes of a broken population. This was especially true among the poorer people as opposed to those who were still wealthy. However, the problem that plagued the American peoples was not simply the economy and the conditions that they are thrust in but rather one in their own souls. “The more …