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Pint-Sized Garden

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It’s very easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, but there is actually a very small garden only a block or two off of Washington Square Park called Golden Swan Garden. It’s small enough that it doesn’t even show up on Google Maps. There isn’t much to it—it’s just a path with a defunct fountain in …

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Spirit of Mountain Lodge

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The neighborhood that I grew up in is peculiar in certain ways. It definitely has a spirit of its own—perhaps one that it too loud. I grew up in Blooming Grove, NY in a neighborhood called Mountain Lodge. It’s split up into two sides: Glenwood Hills and Mountain Lodge itself. Neither Glenwood Hills or Mountain Lodge have particularly good reputations. …

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9 to 5 Life

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I have a very close relationship with public transportation. Last summer, I worked in the city but I didn’t have a place to stay here. Luckily for me, my best friend had a few empty rooms in his house in Jersey because his older brothers had all moved out, so I got to stay with him and his parents all …

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Last summer, I had the chance of a lifetime to experience one of our generation’s dreams: a cross-country roadtrip from New York to California. In only three short weeks, I saw more of the country than I had previously seen in all nineteen years of my life. Now, I’m making the argument that one of those places that I saw …

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Rural Suburbia

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I’m not from a traditional suburb, exactly. I grew up in the lower Hudson Valley (specifically Blooming Grove and the surrounding towns) just 40-50 miles north of the city and inside the New York metropolitan area. When thinking of suburbia, you usually think of houses that all look the same the same distance apart and well-trimmed lawns, but it wasn’t …

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Becoming A City Slicker

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Coming to New York for the first time is an experience shared by most people in this class. Accidentally taking the train to Brooklyn or not being able to hail a taxi for the first few weeks—or even months—is a collectively shared experience of most NYU students. For me, I never had these experiences. I’m a native New Yorker, not …