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The High Life

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China, Shanghai in particular, exists within a culture shaped by hierarchy. Familial relations are hierarchical in a way that is far more culturally substantial than in the West, as are social relations, however what is so intriguing to me is the way that I’ve found that the tiered social structure of Shanghai perfectly matches the urban construction of the city. Last night …

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The Chinese Mind

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For my last reading I examined ‘Farewell my Concubine’ – delving into the mystery and intrigue of the Chinese theatre. For this reading I decided to explore something slightly less sordid and slightly more pragmatic (Shanghai’s sprawling urban metropolis is in many ways a far stretch from ancient China!) ‘The Chinese Mind’ by Boye Lafayette De Mente I stumbled across …

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For weeks there has been an experience that I have been itching to write about, something incomparably exciting and quintessentially Chinese (it does involve a national treasure after all) and that is my experience in Chengdu with the Pandas!   Whilst the mere sight of a Panda would have been something I hyperventilated over from as early as the age …

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A little while ago when I first arrived in Shanghai my two friends and I ventured out to visit the well acclaimed Propaganda Museum. Before continuing my story I would like to define what we considered ‘well-acclaimed’ which was a recommendation from NYU Shanghai, a couple of Trip-Advisor reviews and my Art teacher exhibiting a great deal of enthusiasm. With …

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Travel 2.no?

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In reading and understanding this post the first thing that should become clear is the fact that I am awful at technology; I find it hard/almost impossible to read books online, I’m the type of person who has trouble linking a computer to a TV and even navigating certain features of Microsoft Word can be baffling. When it comes to …

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The Daily Grind

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MORNING: As with New York the time I wake up is determined by my classes – a sort of scholastic alarm setter motivated by stress and panic more than anything else. I find when I wake up at any time that strays too far from the hour I have class I get increasingly lethargic and until I arrive in a …

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Too Many Spirits

In Spirit of place, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Daniella1 Comment

Out of all of my post so far this, has been the hardest to write. I have spent over a week and a half trying to successfully capture, compress, dilute, contain and then finally dispense to you, in an eloquent literary form, the essence of China. The truth is, despite days of musing over this long period of time, I still …

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My Year of the Monkey

In Shanghai by Daniella3 Comments

Ni Hao and Happy Chinese New Year! For the past few weeks Shanghai has failed to live up to my expectations. This is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed it, rather it has shattered the way that my ‘China’ has been perceived. Coated with orientalism and exoticism I expected my first few weeks in ‘the East’ to be a …

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Lost in Translation

In Language, Shanghai, Art of Travel Spring 2016 by Daniella2 Comments

Hello! I have now been in Shanghai for 12 days and the incapacitatingly intimidating language barrier, which I mentioned in my last post, seems to have no intention of yielding under my (admittedly mediocre) hits. In my eyes there is little more terrifying than a lack of ability to be understood. Back home, the way in which the majority of …