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An Antique Perspective of a Timeless City

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Diana Athill offers us a lovely peek into her younger years in “A Florence Diary”. “A Florence Diary” is the official transcript of the journal Athill kept while traveling abroad, specifically in Florence for two weeks during the summer of 1947. This short, yet gratifying book, gives beautiful insight into what Florence was like over 70 years ago and, not …

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A Boring Old Wall? Look Closer.

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 10. The Art of Place by Dani Kimball1 Comment

The art in Florence is, of course, abundant. However, I find that by being surrounded by timeless works of art, world-famous portraits, and renowned statues has allowed me to practically stop seeing them all together. I’ve become numb to what would otherwise be a once in a lifetime chance to view the masterpieces around me. Around every Florence street corner …

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A Multi-Bubble Life

In Florence, The Art of Travel, 9. Bubbles by Dani Kimball1 Comment

When I mentioned I was going to study abroad in Florence, everyone had the same response: “Oh my god, how beautiful! The art, the history! You have to go to the Uffizi and see the Ponte Vecchio! You’re so lucky you get to eat pasta every night!”. I left believing that’s all Florence had to offer: Art, architecture, and great …

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The Sleeping Spirit

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Today, this city revolves around tourism, but it hasn’t always. Florence was the center of art, invention, new ideas, the Renaissance. Centuries of history have walked the Florentine streets. Yet, I’ve found the streets only mirror those historic times when they are empty. I traveled to Lake Como over this past weekend. To get to the lake I had to …

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Mi Dispiace

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By day two, my heart had been broken. Twenty-four hours after I had climbed off a connecting flight, I sat with a group of potential friends beneath street-level in a stone-walled cellar of a tiny restaurant. Our tour guide recommended the spot to us and said it was her favorite place by the Duomo. At this point it was too …

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Here We Go Again!

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Hello, hello! I’m Dani. I’m currently a senior in Tisch studying Film and TV Production… however, my career sights are set on something a bit different from the entertainment industry, but more on that later. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there up until last summer when my family packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado. …