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Tips & Tricks

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Sydney. A simple city in a complicated world, yet still complex enough that I don’t know where to start. I guess the best place to begin would be the flight. No matter where you’re coming from I can suggest that you fly in via Qantas air or Virgin Australia. Both are local airlines that know what they’re doing, and know …

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Flight Nightmares

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My flight out to Sydney was an absolute nightmare. It started in New York in the middle of a blizzard. No flights were leaving, and mine got cancelled two days before it even left. This actually ended up working out for me. I had left all my shopping to do until the last minute and the snowstorm left me unprepared …

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How Global Relatively Effects Our Preconceptions of a Place

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From the beginning, I could see nothing but honesty in Bill Bryson’s memoir, In A Sunburned Country. The first couple chapters did what introductions do best, and put me in the right mindset to enjoy the rest of the novel. Bryson begins by addressing the notion that North Americans have trouble connecting to Australia because of the distance between them, and that …

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Travel 2.0

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When I think about my travel history, I’m astounded by the fact that I don’t remember how to plan travel before the internet. So I guess I can’t be that surprised by Shea Bennett’s statistic that “a recent study showed that more than half (52 percent) of respondents changed their travel plans after researching their trip using social media. A heady 85 …

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Who is Sydney?

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“I scanned the view. I was not looking for anything in particular — not for predators, holiday homes, or memories. My motive was simple and hedonistic: I was looking for Beauty.” (On Eye-Opening Art, de Botton) I chose to start with this quote because I don’t think anything could fit Sydney more appropriately. I say this because this city, and …

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After spending enough time in major cities, one thing becomes apparent: the train is the heart of the city. Without trains, building major cities would not have been possible, and without trains, getting around major cities would be next to impossible. Yes, there are buses, cars, or even a nice walk, but nothing with the efficiency and speed of a …