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From Stranger to Anchor: A Story Around Hotdogs

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As a typical college student I will often try to find food that is cheap while somewhat filling my stomach. A person that has become someone that I trust with my nourishment is a boss of a parilla that I frequent. She’s a middle-aged lady with blonde hair and wrinkles. She speaks typical Argentine Spanish with the speed of a typical Argentine …

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A Little Girl That Never Ages (Just like our Problems)

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Art in Argentina is normally associated with music and dance, in the form of the Tango. When asked about famous painters or sculptors, or pieces of art, there really isn’t one example that really springs to me. Yet one of the most iconic, and still most relevant works of art in Argentina is that of Malfalda, the main character of …

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For the People or for Personal Gain?

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On Wednesday in Buenos Aires Argentina truckers blocked many streets in Buenos Aires as a protest to current president Mauricio Macri’s market-friendly economic policies. Last October, Argentina has its midterm elections where Macri’s political party won. With that momentum, he had outlined his plans for structural reforms in Argentina. Macri is a president very much in a the neoliberal mould, …

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When East meets South West

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I find it pretty amazing how I found people of Chinese descent everywhere that I’ve been, even here in South America, the continent geographically furthest away from Asia. In Argentina, some minimarkets and supermarkets are called “chinos”, in the sense that they are operated by people of Chinese descent. They used to be called “mercado chinos” but true to the …