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Italy Tips

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Before studying abroad, I spent all summer researching and reading blogs about other students’ experiences. While it may not have made an impact on any decisions that I made once I got here, it definitely did help me get comfortable with the idea of living abroad before I moved. Any study-abroad site is going to be helpful. Maybe not in …

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The Traveling College Kid

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The idea of “Travel 2.0” is something that, in my opinion, helps college abroad students travel at least somewhat successfully. When booking a hostel, flight, train ticket, etc., the more communication and insight that one is able to find on something is more comforting, especially because you are traveling without parents or family. NYU gives a full week fall break, …

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Secret Diary of the Study Abroad Kid

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A typical weekday in Florence. Weekends are completely irrelevant because I am usually somewhere new, so who knows what I’m doing on Friday-Sunday. But Monday through Thursday have gotten pretty regular, so here goes nothing. MONDAY: I usually wake up around 9:30 am, but let’s be honest, nobody actually gets up when they wake up. So, flash forward to about …