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And Now Here We Are

In Berlin, 5. Political, The Art of Travel by Cara1 Comment

The significance of Germany’s political history is undeniable. For the entirety of the 20th century, everything and anything related to Germany was tied in with the political turmoil of the period. Now, the country’s — and especially Berlin’s — history is clouded by the memories of this time. Since coming to Berlin, I have learned a lot more about past …

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German? Piece of Cake!

In Berlin, 3. Language, The Art of Travel by Cara1 Comment

Leading up to my departure to Germany, I was constantly assaulted with questions regarding whether or not I had any background in German. These inquiries prevailed throughout the summer and whenever I would respond that no, I would be taking an elementary German course during the semester, my interrogators would throw out a few basic German phrases that they knew …

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Spatial and Sensory Connections

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Cara2 Comments

As I find myself stumbling upon restaurants, shops, and parks in different neighborhoods throughout Berlin, I am desperately trying to orient myself. Berlin is compiled of twelve different districts, each with a unique personality and feel. I am constantly asking friends or checking maps on my phone to situate myself and determine which neighborhood I am in. I am ingrained …