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I Heart Berlin

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With less than two weeks left in Berlin, I am surrounded by classmates professing their excitement to return home. While we can all agree that we love Berlin and value the time we have spent here, the general consensus is that homesickness is reviving itself. Everyone is ready to see their family and friends, hug their dogs, and enjoy the …

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Unexpected Impacts

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While the NYU bubble that I have described in previous posts has somewhat prevented me from getting very close with native Berliners, I have met some amazing faculty and members of NYU Berlin’s administration who have helped me grow so much over the past semester. Even though I had heard from friends who have studied in Berlin in the past …

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Sundays, Amiright?

In Berlin, The Art of Travel, 12. Free topic #2 by Cara2 Comments

Sundays are a special thing in Berlin. And by special, I mean totally and completely inconvenient. Everything is closed. And by everything, I mean all of the grocery stores. There has rarely been a Sunday throughout this entire semester when I have woken up without remembering that I have no food left in the fridge and no way of getting …

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This Year’s Hottest New Disco: Berlin

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Wladimir Kaminer’s Russian Disco: Tales of Everyday Lunacy on the streets of Berlin is an unconventional travel book of sorts. While not exclusively a breakdown of Kaminer’s experiences moving through a city in a time of such great change, the book is a collection of short anecdotes that provide a holistic representation of post-reunification Berlin. Kaminer moves from Moscow to …

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Reimagining History vs. Reimagining Berlin

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Berlin is known for its abundance of museums and exhibitions. Museum Island is home to an assortment of art from different time periods and new modern and experimental art installations are constantly popping up around the city. Art plays an integral role in shaping Berlin’s reputation. The East Side Gallery showcases work from a wide range of artists making political …

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Pop that Bubble!

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When I imagined studying abroad in the past, I was always so excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, surround myself with a new group of people, and discover more about myself. While all three of these things have happened and are in practice, I am not experiencing them to the extent that I had hoped. …

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And Now Here We Are

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The significance of Germany’s political history is undeniable. For the entirety of the 20th century, everything and anything related to Germany was tied in with the political turmoil of the period. Now, the country’s — and especially Berlin’s — history is clouded by the memories of this time. Since coming to Berlin, I have learned a lot more about past …

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German? Piece of Cake!

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Leading up to my departure to Germany, I was constantly assaulted with questions regarding whether or not I had any background in German. These inquiries prevailed throughout the summer and whenever I would respond that no, I would be taking an elementary German course during the semester, my interrogators would throw out a few basic German phrases that they knew …

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Spatial and Sensory Connections

In Berlin, 2. Wayfinding, The Art of Travel by Cara2 Comments

As I find myself stumbling upon restaurants, shops, and parks in different neighborhoods throughout Berlin, I am desperately trying to orient myself. Berlin is compiled of twelve different districts, each with a unique personality and feel. I am constantly asking friends or checking maps on my phone to situate myself and determine which neighborhood I am in. I am ingrained …