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The Hourglass

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney, 13. Free topic by Brennan1 Comment

Being content in the present is surprisingly difficult. I’ve tried everything: guided meditation apps, breathing techniques, simply trying to feel grounded in place and time. However, without constant conscious awareness (which is virtually impossible), moments slip by like the sand running through an hourglass. Each granule of sand––each moment––drops away and before long, an entire sand dune has accumulated. This …

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Support Staff

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney, 12. Strangers by Brennan1 Comment

The feeling of waking up in a strange city, not knowing a soul, is unsettling. And relieving. You feel alive, senses heightened to cognitively evaluate the unfamiliar sounds, smells, and landscape. For a while it feels as if you are in some kind of virtual stimulation, or that this is not reality. You are just a player, anonymous, in the …

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Turning Fences into Freedom

In The Art of Travel Spring 2018, 6. First Book, Sydney by Brennan1 Comment

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, a novel by Doris Pilkington Garimara, is an extremely important story to read for anyone attempting to understand Australian history, culture, and identity. Based on true events, the book highlights the colonial oppression that permeated Australia in the 1900s, specifically detailing the case of a mixed-race girl named Molly––a child of the Stolen Generation. Although Aboriginal …

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

In 4. Politics, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney by Brennan1 Comment

Refugees landing on Australian soil only to be thrown in offshore detention centers. Heads of state promoting their mistresses to highly paid positions behind the public eye. An indigenous history, forgotten. Australian politics claim to be moderate, democratic, and most remarkably, “better than America.” However, within the first few days of arriving on Australian land, I realized that there are …

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Comfortably Uncomfortable

In 3. Communicating, The Art of Travel Spring 2018, Sydney by Brennan1 Comment

The greatest disappointment I’ve faced in Sydney thus far has been the lack of exoticity. The city is so similar to metropolitan areas that I’ve lived in before––the wide expanse of Los Angeles, the tropical breeze of Hawaii, the bustling streets of New York––but something always feels off. The city is foreign, but not quite different enough from places that …