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In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 14. Tips, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski2 Comments

Come to Berlin. See what it lacks. Monday morning waiting for the U-bahn; Rush hour. I look around. Despite the start of the workday, the station isn’t crowded. Locals leisurely make their way to the platform. Sneakers. Jeans. Dogs. Flowers. The train arrives right on time. Doors open smoothly. No one pushes or shoves, yet we all manage to get …

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When The Wall Falls

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 10. Books (2), Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

Collective guilt can be defined as the blameworthy moral responsibility held at the collective, or group, level. ‘German collective guilt’ is a term used for the emotions that arose after the conclusion of World War 2, as German citizens gained awareness of their engagement, tolerance, or ignorance of the atrocities which took place during the Holocaust. This psychological baggage is …

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A New News

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 9. Art & Place, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

Think about our relationship to current events: Who (or what) do we listen to? Immediately, one thinks of the media. Whether present in print, radio, or television broadcast, journalists are integral to the guidance of public knowledge, perception, and emotions towards the world they live in. Having an accredited voice in the political world is exceptionally powerful, especially when it comes …

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In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 8. Bubble, Berlin by Ashley JankowskiLeave a Comment

I found it. Discretely nestled along the outermost edge of my neighborhood of Kreuzberg and hidden behind lofty walls of wiry fence and dense ivy lies an unsung jewel: Prinzessinnengarten. Remarkably green and teeming with life, the multi-functioning gardening space is an ecosystem of comradery, commitment, and creativity. Beekeeping and book clubs, ping pong and pizza; After my first lap …

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The Great Wave

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 5. Politics, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski1 Comment

As a journalism student, I am often confronted with the question of whether or not to cover something or someone. The debate in New York City newsrooms typically centered around Donald Trump’s tweeting habits; here in Germany, I find that the the question shifts towards coverage about the newly established Parliamentary presence of the Alternative for Germany, or AfD. The …

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Spring To Come

In The Art of Travel Fall 2017, 4. The Spirit of Place, Berlin by Ashley Jankowski2 Comments

I grew up in a Catholic household, with prayers before dinner and Church on Sundays. I had been conditioned to identify sacred symbols and objects, and to distinguish ‘Holy’ spaces and people. Spirit was, in my young mind, inherently religious, something felt only in divine spaces, or bestowed upon you through the clergy. As I matured through study and self …