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Go to Berlin. All my friends who have come here to visit say the same things: that Berlin has some sort of magical vibe about it, some sort of freeing feeling coursing through it. There’s so much room to do things, which may be exclusively a New Yorker’s reaction, but I realize now that having space to explore and create …

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Freud, the Aeneid, and Film

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This week, I’d like to relate my studies here in Berlin to some of the topics that I want to explore in my Gallatin rationale, specifically reevaluating The Aeneid by Virgil. The most intellectually enriching class I’ve been taking here is German Intellectual Tradition: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, because I’ve been wanting to learn more about these thinkers for quite …

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Another Tramp Abroad

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Oftentimes, one feels guilty for framing their experiences of their world travels in the contexts of themselves and their own small world that they know best. It seems this is especially the case for Americans: observing a panel on contemporary German politics, I noticed that most of the questions that students asked were framed in some comparative context. Of course, …

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The Cranes Above

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The first things I saw as I exited the cab at the dorm were the cranes, looming over the night horizon. Three stood at various points within the neighboring construction yard, monstrous right angles hovering over their progress, cables dangling down. I came to realize in the following days that this was a frequent sight in Berlin –our tour guide …