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Art Away From Home

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When I think of what makes Sydney beautiful, man made projects aren’t primarily what comes to mind. Cities like Paris, Rome, and Madrid are all shaped by the artists bred there, with their classic pieces and architecture defining the culture. In Sydney however, most of the beauty comes from its nature and landscapes. The way ecosystems interact with the city …

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Paradise Lost

In The Art of Travel, 9. Troubles, Sydney by Annabel1 Comment

Traveling is all about learning and growing from the obstacles presented. Without a few misadventures, a journey doesn’t teach you all that it can. This is the mantra that I’ve hysterically repeated in my head to avoid completely breaking down when faced with the many issues I’ve experienced while traveling this semester. It’s really easy to want to just throw …

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Escaping the Bubble

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If not the fact that English is Australia’s primary language, the endless amount of other cultural overlaps this country has with the US can make it feel like I’m not even abroad. Pair this with the fact that everyone in my program lives in the same building, specifically in an area of the city practically filled with kids studying abroad, …

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Finding Spirit

In The Art of Travel, 5. The Spirit of Place, Sydney by Annabel1 Comment

Sydney is an incredibly spread out and varied city. From Glebe to Newtown, every region carries its own personality and quirks, making each new area discovered a completely different experience than the next. While I’m used to being in New York where each area also has something completely new to offer, I was not expecting the same out of Sydney. …

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A Dated Constitution

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We’re in the midst of one of the most divisive point in our history back in the US, and because of how much Americentrism exists in the everyday media I’m exposed to at home, I haven’t been as aware of the political situations abroad as I’d like to be. I feel like I’ve arrived in Australia during a particularly politically-charged …

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Learning a New English

In The Art of Travel, 3. Communicating, Sydney by Annabel1 Comment

When I first committed to studying abroad I very badly wanted to immerse myself in a new language. I’ve always been jealous of kids who could casually speak to their family in French, or could pick up a random language after spending the summer in a foreign country. My family is British-Nigerian, so besides a deep knowledge of North London …

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A Slight Bondi Breakdown

In The Art of Travel, 1: Awakenings, Sydney by Annabel3 Comments

What’s always drawn me to the ocean is its mystery, and how with its beauty accompanies the notion of no end in sight. It was initially my overly romanticized vision of the great blue sea that solidified my decision to choose Sydney for my study abroad semester, and while I thought the ocean would provide me with  relaxation and some …