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Prague’s Most Important Man — As Seen Through a Lens

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A powerful piece of artwork can, at the same time, both restrict and beautifully capture the essence of a place. In order to understand artwork of the Czech Republic, you have to understand what constitutes the identity of the Czech Republic. I have mentioned this in previous posts, but the most potent identifying factor of the Czech Republic and its …

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Prague in Black and Gold: Scenes In the Life of a European City

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“Prague harbors more secrets of the magic, or mystical, kind than any other city in Europe; the new travel industry lovingly cherishes the mystical aura for market reason,” (Demetz xiii). Prague is a city built on hundreds of years of rich history. In the book “Prague in Black and Gold: Scenes In the Life of a European City,” Peter Demetz …

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Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

In The Art of Travel Spring 2017, 2. Languages, Prague by Ankita1 Comment

Us Americans often have a very romanticized idea of what European language is supposed to sound like — graceful, elegant, even enticing. To me, the French, Spanish and Italian languages have always sounded like beautiful poetry when spoken in proper form. This is not the case in the Czech Republic.  If you overhear two people in Prague conversing in Czech, …

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My First Week In Prague: Traveling With My Old Self, Yet With New Eyes

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Exactly five days ago, I packed my bags and left my sunny home in California to travel halfway across the world. As I arrived at the airport almost 10 hours later — surrounded by strangers speaking a language I couldn’t understand — it finally hit me that I was in my home for the next four months: Prague.  As my …