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The sartorial expressions of a group of people surely make a statement about the culture in which they live. Style can be an indicator of a subculture, like the Teddy Boys in England during the 60’s. Anthropologically speaking, the politics of dress, music, and the other categories that fall under the overarching term ‘culture’, show an interplay of symbols and …

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Politics of the French Language

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As a linguistics major, the topic of this week’s assignment delighted me. I have a lot of opinions on the status of “national languages,” and the linguistic superiority and prejudice rooted within this idea. It is often ingrained in U.S. culture that English is a language of superiority, with the rise of the “English-only” movement which stresses nationalism, in the …

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New City Quirks

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It is curious to think that before I arrived in Paris, it was a still bustling city moving on without me. My arrival did not disrupt anything. The monuments, the cafes, and the people were all here before me, but I have trouble conceptualizing that. It became a real place as soon as I walked off the plane, but before …