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Keep On Living

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I’ve taken my final flight of the semester and I’m finally home. After following my posts you may assume that I couldn’t be happier. Everyone here is asking how my trip was and “What is the one thing you learned?” “Do you think you feel different?” And every time I answer they say “Huh, interesting…” Like it isn’t profound enough …

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Lesson Learned, Onto The Next One

In Florence, The Art of Travel Fall 2015, Transformed by Akemi Aiello2 Comments

Fifteen more days here in Italy. In the midst of slowly starting to declutter, packing, and planning out my first few meals back in America there’s some time to reflect. I know I’ve sounded and been pretty bitter about my experience here in Italy, my whole experience this semester including all the places I’ve gone has been great. But, with that …

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#Travel #Adventure #LiveLifeToTheFullest

In Florence, Travel 2.0, The Art of Travel Fall 2015 by Akemi Aiello1 Comment

What is most apparent to me is that “travelling” comes with high expectations. Blame it on wanderlust or a desire to experience something new, but lets be real here, we just want to experience something that can be shown off. Supposedly copying is the highest form of flattery however it’s really jealousy and social media has made it worse. I’m …

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I want to speak Italian, give me a chance

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The months leading up to this semester when I would tell people I’m going to Florence their first question would always be, “do you speak Italian?” No, I don’t. And I say that in the present tense since three weeks has taught me very little. But don’t worry, I’m not completely helpless I can survive my Italian classes without making …