Ahoj, Praha!

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Wow! I can’t believe that it’s already time for me to leave Prague and the Czech Republic. Time has flown by so quickly since coming here, and though A LOT has happened to me since coming abroad, I’m quite grateful for the experience and for the things that I’ve learned about the world and about myself.

Before this, I always knew that I wanted to live abroad/work abroad when I grew up, and now that I’ve actually lived abroad for a few months, my desire to live abroad in the future is still there! Even though there was a bit of trouble back at home that caused me to fly back to New York for a few days, and I did struggle with being homesick for a bit, I think that I’ve definitely grown a lot during this time. I won’t ever live in Prague again for a few reasons (though I had a great time during my time here!), but I do hope to live in another country in the future and I really can’t wait to travel to all of the countries/cities that I didn’t get the chance to see during my time here.

Alongside this, I’ve also just learned so much more about myself. While I won’t go too deeply into this, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on myself, thinking about who I want to be in the future, and thinking about what type of person I am now. Though I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to things like eating alone at a restaurant or sitting by myself in a cafe, I’ve improved a lot on it during my time here. I’m a lot more comfortable just eating by myself at a restaurant/cafe, and I really enjoy taking strolls by myself and sitting alone on park benches. It gives me time to breathe and offers a better experience than just sitting in my room. Life here in Prague is also so much calmer and there is a lot more nature around the city, which makes me feel a bit less anxious as well.

And, going back to a previous thought, although I do hope to live abroad again in the future, I am 100% ready to go back home. I’ve made a few really great friends here, a lot of amazing memories, and I’ve filled my belly with all of the delicious food I could find, but I’m ready to go back to my normal routine and settle back in New York. Having explored so much of Europe and the different cities here, I can’t wait to go back to New York and explore the city even more than I already have. Since I’ve lived in New York all my life, I’ve never taken the time to really explore and learn more about the city, but now I’ve really learned the importance of exploring the very city that I’m living in. I also really want to explore the United States a lot more now that I’ve traveled so much abroad, so hopefully I can arrange a few trips around the US.

Overall, I think that spending exactly one semester abroad is a perfect amount of time and my friends and I are all content with the things we’ve done here. I’ve traveled to so many new cities and countries, visited so many new museums, watched so many beautiful sunsets, had sun-filled picnics, and embraced new sights. My heart is definitely full and I know that I can leave Europe with no regrets. There are definitely countries that I want to visit again/for the first time, but that is for a later date and for another time.

(Image: Prague at Sunset; Source: Erica)


  1. Erica, this was great! I resonate with the fact that you want to live abroad again – I came to realize the same thing while being here in Paris (although I think I always kind of knew it). I’m also really glad to hear that some of your anxieties around things like eating alone have subsided a bit – it’s amazing what traveling and living in an unfamiliar place can do. Going back to the United States will definitely be good. I miss Cheetohs and Amazon. I’m happy to hear you, overall, had a great time in Prague! It’s a good city.

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