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First, I apologize for the pun but I only have a few weeks left to use it so cut me some slack.

  1. I’d highly recommend Prague to anyone looking fro a study abroad site. The city is beautiful and has so much to offer. The central location is ideal for traveling around Europe. There is a great nightlife and a number of beautiful parks. And, very importantly, Prague is quite cheap an easy tip from one broke college student to another. For me, it was also nice that I didn’t have to take a language and most people here speak English very well. Overall, my experience here has been spectacular and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I will truly miss this place and plan to return plenty.
  2. It’s going to be colder than you think. While there is no NY wind to blast you here, it is rather chilly and for quite a bit longer than you would normally deal with in NY. Just bring a couple jackets and some boots that can handle a bit of snow and you’ll be fine!
  3. I’d recommend living in either Slezska or Machova, and I’m partial to Slezska as it is my dorm. All of the dorms here become their own little families and while there is intermixing, it’s simply more convenient to befriend those nearby. Slezska and Machova are fairly close to each other and the closest to campus (a quick 10 min subway ride away) so in my opinion they’re just the most convenient and best dorms to pick. The other dorm, Osadni, is on the other side of the river which divides Prague into Old town and New Town and isn’t close to much. Those who dorm there become very attached and will say it’s the best choice but honestly it’s just inconvenient more than anything else.
  4. I’d highly recommend paying attention during the first week crash Czech course. People here really appreciate any effort made to use Czech and it’s very helpful and polite to use some if you know it. Another extra, befriend people whoa re taking Czech and abuse that. If you know a place where they don’t speak much English drag them with you and hope for the best. Or befriend/date a local while you’re here, it can really come in handy to have someone who knows the language and culture.
  5. I’ve written a previous post mentioning this restaurant but it’s worth noting. It’s called the Grand Rasio, although I refer to it as Johnny’s place, and it’s literally right next door to Slezska. They serve Indian and Thai food and it is delicious. If you go often enough you can befriend the owner, Johnny, who is incredibly nice and a really great guy. He is from Bangladesh so bonus points and extra favoritism to you if you speak Bengali; one of my roommates and another kid in the dorm both do. The food is top notch and reasonably priced and everyone who works there is kind and put in the effort to get to know you if you come often enough. It’s perfect for every New Yorker like myself who hoped to find a place somewhere in the city where they’d know you and was unable to manage it in Manhattan.
  6. Another restaurant, well really two restaurants, recommendations would be Las Adelitas and Burrito Loco. Everything here closes around 8 or 9 so if you’re out any later than that and in need of some good drunk food or just have the midnight munchies Burrito Loco is not only really good but also the only thing open. It’s the best alternative to chipotle you can find in Prague. Trust me, before the semester ends you will be familiar with all the employee at your nearest location, especially those working the 2 am shift. Las Adelitas serves really amazing Mexican food and is one of the few Mexican restaurants in Prague. There’s one right on campus and two others close to Machova and Sleszka. Pro-tip for girls: go on Wednesday evenings for ladies night for the half priced margaritas which are amazing. My personal favorite is the guava one!
  7. Last, but not least, take it all in while you can. It’s really starting to hit me now that I’ll be leaving in just a few weeks. Prague has so much to offer, and I’m glad I took advantage of a lot of the tourist things NYU offers. There is plenty to do and see here so don’t travel every single weekend because you’ll really miss out on a unique city worth your time.
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