A Change of Season

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In Berlin, the change of Season is dramatically effective for brightening people’s moods and increasing the amount of color in Berlin. Once people get their medication for pollen, people hang out much more outside in parks and on the street than in Winter. Winter in Berlin has been one very long stretch. Winter in Germany starts around October, when the days start to get shorter and the leaves have finished falling. However, Germany has winter from October until April, which is 6 months.

Berlin in the Summer is dramatically different from Berlin in other times of the year. For example, as soon as the sun starts to show itself more and more in April, both people and plants eagerly notice. Plants that are exposed to sun and good environment at this time quickly grow leaves and turn a vibrant green color. However, the trees aren’t the only things that turn more colorful. Germans themselves seem naturally happier and delighted that the long Winter is over and the Spring is starting. Even I’ve noticed that Germans even seem to be more friendly in Spring and Summer   than in Winter. On any sunny day in April, the parks, rivers, and even lakes will naturally have people relaxing, hanging out, and even rafting or swimming! In the these times, heavy down jackets are replaces with light and breathable clothing. Hot chocolate with beers, and indoor clubbing to outdoor clubbing. Although these changes may seem little, to me, Summer in Berlin is much more livable and even more enjoyable than Winter in Berlin!

My favorite things in Berlin winter have been the long times to chill indoors and chances to wear warm clothing that I don’t usually get to wear, but for me, the Winter is just too long and too cold for me. Berlin in the summer people take the time to exercise, go outside, and enjoy Nature, which are my interests. I haven’t experienced this yet, but I hear that tomorrow, is May first. This day in Germany is supposedly a national holiday, and their custom is that they dance on the street for the whole day! When the Sun is out in Germany, it is only natural to be happy and to party. People easily walk more, enjoy more sights, bike with family, and even barbecue delicious meats at a park.   

For me, the things that happen in the Winter are different from the things that happen in the Spring or summer. In Spring, I myself am much more able to go outside and play, without the obstruction of the weather or of other things such as homework. Spring is the season for nature to get revitalized, and I can’t help but be revitalized along with the trees. I feel a fresh motivation to do well on my schoolwork and assignments, and fresh motivation for spring cleaning, and just general well-being. I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied by the changing of the seasons here in Berlin. At my home in the state of California, we don’t notice such differences from the Winter to Spring.

I am extremely fortunate and happy to have experienced the change in season from Winter to Spring and Summer. People and trees in Berlin have been extremely friendly and welcoming.

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(Image: A picture of Trees in Berlin, recently regaining their greenness. ; Source: Melvin)


  1. Berlin sounds a lot like Paris in this post! As the sun starts to come out more often and winter gives way to spring, everyone I pass seems to be in a good mood. It was interesting reading winter reflections from someone who lived in California. I’m from somewhere that has a long winter, much like Berlin, so it’s fun to hear from someone who essentially has no winter. New York must’ve been a tough transition! Hopefully you get the chance to take full advantage of the spring weather in the next few weeks along with all the other Berliners.

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