36 Hours in Perugia, Italy

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New York Times: Despite its proximity to the epicenter of last year’s earthquakes in Italy (Perugia suffered no significant damage) and some bad publicity after the Amanda Knox trial, Perugia remains one of the country’s most vibrant and underrated destinations. This is due, in no small part, to the energy of the early 14th-century University of Perugia, one of the oldest universities in Italy. Perugia may remain in the shadow of many cities in neighboring Tuscany, but new bars, cafes and boutiques flourish in this Umbrian city, which does an excellent job of showcasing its ancient foundations in the historic center. Those foundations encompass Etruscan, medieval, Gothic and 18th-century treasures along wide, sun-kissed roads that lead to pretty, off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods. Perugia may become packed during events like Umbria Jazz and the annual chocolate festival, but, for the most part, remains untouristy and authentic.  Read more.

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