Who Is She?

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If I could describe her in one word, I would say: contradictory. She is bubbling with enthusiasm for new initiatives and entrepreneurial ventures, but also filled with a frustration that drives her away and towards, as necessary. Sometimes, she challenges the status quo, and asserts her perspective as she finds necessary. Other times, she takes a back seat as she welcomes adversity with open arms. I wonder whether it is out of neglect, or out of pure ignorance for the sake of time and energy. She defines her boundaries very clearly, what should be professional and what should be personal, though she also allows herself to be free and wild with her words. She is a leader, though also a follower. She thinks of the big picture logically and structurally, but she also keeps the minute details in mind. For a moment she is strong, when for another she is vulnerable.

Momachi and I work together at the entrepreneurship center in Israel as interns in the international department. She is filled with energy day in and day out, despite a packed schedule morning to night. She has a very sharp presence, in her poise and clarity of what she wants and everything she stands for and believes in. Though I still don’t really know what she is studying. Media? Marketing? Data Science? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone in the office really knows. I’m not even sure she knows.

While she is a part time intern here, I am full time. Though we only see each other a few hours every other day, we really make the effort to connect outside of the office. We go out together as we work across Tel Aviv’s cafes and celebrate in the evenings. It can get very loud and chaotic in our office, so we like to take some time and get some fresh air during the workday as well. When she arrives at the office, she encourages me to pick myself up and think about the larger mission of all that we are doing (it can get a bit annoying). As I mentioned, she is full of contradictions. Where she is reflective and big-picture oriented, she also talks way too much about the details, the mission, and the many (too many) things to be grateful for.

There is this peculiar way in which she lets her own energy shine, in the way she sings Hindi songs in the office and jokes around with the colleagues. Above all, Momachi is optimistic and full of warmth. She reminds us that life is composed of our thoughts above all. So if everything around us is flipped upside down, if we can find a way to see what good comes out of such unexpected chaos, we can function and progress in a more productive, positive way.

It has been a joy to work with Momachi and reflect with her both in and out of the office. With her, there somehow is almost always a worthwhile topic to pick up on. Sometimes it really feels as though our conversations may just never come to an end. And sometimes, no matter how much we talk, I feel as though I may not really understand the complexities of her story. I still wonder, why does she hold so closely some values so close to her heart? I still wonder, why does she care so much about learning and taking something out of each experience? I still wonder, who is she, really?


  1. Hi Momachi! This is such a sweet post. Lovely to read about your external perspective of yourself, I think you seem very self-aware and that you balance your constructive criticism rather well. I think it is, in many ways, a wonderful thing that it “feels as though [your conversations may just never come to an end,” for that means you have much more to learn from each other! It is so nice that you two have developed a relationship outside of the workplace as well! Hopefully you and your fellow intern, with whom you seem to have a solid friendship, will stay in contact. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the semester in Tel Aviv!

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