The Unavoidable Cliché of Finding Myself

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If I could sum up my time in Sydney as one thing, it would be an escape from real life. Reality has paused for three months, and I’ve essentially had time to put my commitments to the side and focus on myself. Now I can understand the cliché of going abroad and “finding yourself”. Studying abroad is the perfect time learn who you are and how to better yourself.

The most important thing I’ve learned about myself is how to be alone. I’ve always been independent, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been lonely. However, since spending time in Sydney, I feel more content in loneliness. No longer do I feel that I have to listen to music when I walk down the street, or take the train, or even on airplanes. I can sit in silence with myself and feel comfort in my own thoughts instead of feeling lonely and stressed. I can’t really tell you exactly when this switch happened, but I know that it’s been a result of the serenity I’ve felt in this lovely city.

I’ve also found myself improved in my relationships. Being more in tune with myself has lead me to create stronger and more pure bonds with the friends I’ve made in Sydney. I’ve learned how to manage my emotions better and thus have been a more enjoyable person to be around. Being able to keep myself in check and know exactly how I’m feeling and how to manage it have lead to less reliance on other people to help me more than I can help myself. My friendships are more purely about love and communication and less about selfish neediness towards others.

So as I prepare to leave Sydney, I have nothing but love and thanks for a city that’s been so kind to me. Nothing can replace the experiences I’ve had and the development of self I’ve gotten while being here. It’s going to be a sad goodbye, but I know I’ll always hold this lovely city in my heart as a huge, life-changing time for me.


  1. Hi Christine,

    It sounds like you truly enjoyed your time in Sydney and really learned a lot about yourself and grew for the better. I’ll admit, sitting in silence with myself is something that I have not come to full terms with; I always like having some form of music in the background, so it’s really inspiring to read about your transformation. I know people always emphasize how study abroad is an opportunity for self discovery, and I think you’ve really made the most out of it. It’s been great reading your posts this semester 🙂

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