The Surry Hills Festival

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The spring festival is a once a year event full of music, shopping, crafts, traipse artists, ukuleles, and fancy food.

Surry Hills is the Tribeca of Sydney. The area is populated with young, wealthy, organic obsessed families. If you weren’t listing to the accents a New Yorker would fell right at home sounded by familiar hipster-looking, bearded men carrying very well dressed babies.

After shopping and buying some fancy, organic handmade soap (which I bargained down) I sat down to eat a fancy-schmancy crepe. I grabbed a bench at a corner of the festival grounds that had a children’s park and watched the well dressed little Australians running around in their stripped and polka dot cloths. I quickly noticed the trend of mothers and fathers running after their kids trying to get them to keep their (adorable) sun hats on. I know kids wear little hats in the U.S., but these hippie mama’s have a much stronger sun to deal with. Both sides, it seemed were at war. The kids determined to stay hat free, and their parents equally as determined to get the damn hats on! As you could imagine the whole thing made for a funny scene.

As I continued to eat my crepe on the park bunch, the music started. One after another, adorably dressed blonde chicks came out and serenaded the crowd with their ukuleles in hand.

Next to the stage was the pom-pom making table. For the past four months the people of Surry Hills have been making pom-poms to decorate the streets with. All the trees and bushes were covered in pink, orange, and yellow pom-pom’s adding to the whimsical feel of the fair.

Now, I am sure these festival descriptions sound rather random and haphazard, but that’s what it was like. Walking around the stalls you would find the fancy organic soap man next to traipse lessons, next to photo booths, next to dog statues, and lemonade stands. I have never and probably will never see anything like the Surry Hills festival every again.


  1. Hi Anne, hope you’re enjoying Sydney! I really enjoyed the picture you painted – it took me home. Having been there myself before, I agree with you completely about the well-dressed babies and hipster-looking bearded dads. They’re everywhere! Your comment about the harsh sun also reminded me how fortunate I am to not be home right now. The ozone layer above Australia is incredibly thin so make sure you wear a hat yourself!


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