The Perfect Weekend in Berlin

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When time is short, spend it well in Berlin—here are a few tips for planning the perfect weekend in the German capital. “Poor but sexy.” That’s how former mayor Klaus Wowereit once aptly described the German capital. Today, Berlin is more often referred to as Europe’s Silicon Valley, home to over 2,500 tech start-ups. In the last decade, entrepreneurs and engineers have done exactly what artists did after the Wall came down 26 years ago: They’ve flocked here for the cheap rents and thriving music and nightlife scenes, and to join a huge community of creative expats. Young chefs are also arriving, determined to shake the city’s reputation as a culinary wasteland. And those artists? They’re still here. Now, though, they’re embarking on major projects that will leave their mark on not just Berlin but Europe itself. Visit soon, and often—the city will feel new and vibrant every time

Source: The Perfect Weekend in Berlin – Condé Nast Traveler

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