The Opposition

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My name is Izzie Ramirez, aspiring journalist although I am not sure of what, not yet. There are so many options to choose from and the prospects excite me more than lure me to just one: breaking news, food, protest, unrest. I am a first year student but I am well ahead of my peers, as I am currently a writer on NYULocal.

As I prepared to build my case to run for Hall Congress Vice President, I kept an open eye out for who would be my opposition. There was one other person running for the same position as me, an upperclassman named Daniela who had just arrived on campus with the rest of the new spring cohort. Before I met her, I heard what she was like from my roommate who had encountered her in person already. She had been quite rough with her, persistent and aggressive but not outright mean or rude. Chloe’s words served more like a warning than a description: she is not nice. On other occasions, I would pass by her in the building and go unnoticed. Once, I saw her outside, carrying a tote on her arm and talking on the phone. I could not place her facial expression but I did recognize the distraction that seemed consistent with other times I had bumped into her.

I later decided that instead of running for Vice President, I would like to really make my mark this semester, and I ran for President against a few of my peers and some upperclassmen as well. I believed I could win this position because I had numbers on my side: the other 45 freshman in my cohort that I have spent this past semester cultivating relationships with. As I shifted my goals, Daniela was no longer an opponent to me and I won the position of President and she won her position of Vice President.

The first time I really met Daniela, we were almost forced into a very close relationship. As President and Vice President, we were expected to work closely together to manage a large Hall Congress and I was unsure how we would get along. I had been hesitant to reach out in the past but now that we were expected to build a type of rapport, I was more comfortable and willing to begin looking for friendship.

As we talked more, I saw a more rounded personality. She is tough and firm, but also nice, flexible, and insightful. She gives good advice and has so much experience that I can draw on throughout the semester as I guide the Hall Congress efficiently and effectively to the end of the semester with as much success as possible, I thought to myself. I was soon excited to be working with her even though I had not been completely sure what to think of her before I had formally met her.

As for her physical appearance, she often dresses professionally to attend her internship but for the most part maintains a laid back style with tousled hair and no makeup. She does not put too much thought into what she wears but not in a way does that makes her look scrambled; just enough to look slightly put together. Her face is open and kind when she is walking down the street but she has an attitude that acts like a protective shell and keeps out those who try to take advantage of her. Her green eyes and freckles draw a lot of attention, and small at five foot two inches, she often wears heeled shoes to make herself taller. I was surprised to learn she was so much older than me because she looks very much younger than she actually is. After that first meeting, we became fast friends and today neither of us can imagine this semester without the other.


  1. Hi Daniela,

    I was really drawn to continue reading your post because of your beginning. It’s really interesting to think about how some of the relationships that we don’t think will ever form end up forming become some impacting ones. It also caught my attention how you included the part of the commentary of her friend about you. We are so ready to hear what others have to say about someone rather than meeting them and forming opinions about them ourselves. It was very cool to read this post! Hope your semester keeps going well.

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