The New Normal: Where 3G Speeds Aren’t Good Enough

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After reading the “What is Travel 2.0”, the Guardian article, and looking at the infographic the first thing that pops into my head it my mom. Whenever, I do anything travel related my mom is like, “Oh did you stop by AAA? Will your boarding pass come in the mail? Did you call the hotel to make the booking? How did you find ___ (hotel, tour, museum, restaurant, destination, etc)? My answer to all of these questions are usually an eye roll followed by a, “The internet, mother.” She just does not understand what travel is today and I just do not understand what travel was.

I find the Guardian article particularly interested because being 12 years old it is out of date. Talking about myspace and not facebook and there’s not one mention of an iPhone in that article just really points out how old it is. It is interesting that social media is such a fast industry that a simple 12 years makes this article completely outdated.

“In the future, we can expect to see more of these “mash-ups” – mixing maps with reviews, ratings, photos and services (car rental, hotels etc).” This was funny to read. My first thought was well… GOOGLE!  Simply, google a place and the ratings, reviews, photos etc will show up on the right side of the page. There are Instagram and Facebook too. Instagram will show photos, comments replace reviews and ratings. Companies now have Facebook pages that are these “mash-ups.”  So I guess the future is here.

I know I am fully in the world of Travel 2.0. I use my phone, my computer, etc before all else to travel. To find hotels, read reviews, find “Instagram worthy” views, I turn to the internet or apps.

I found it funny that 30% of people use apps to find hotel deals. Until recently, I’ve never really used my phone to book a hotel. I find using the computer, where I can open 100+ tabs on different hotels and their reviews is easier. However, just last week, I was in Thailand and I was in desperate need for a place to stay. I quickly got an App and booked a hotel – it was pretty easy. While I did not have all the options I would have if I did it on the computer, it was faster and just as effective. While the Guardian mentions “mash-ups” as being the future, I see Travel via phones or tablets as the future – no laptop required.

I do not really remember a time when I was out without my phone. I always try to have portable chargers on me just in case it dies. Sometimes I like to turn off my phone and just wonder. This is more of a deliberate doing rather than being “stranded” without my phone. I find doing this is way less stressful than my phone dying on me. When my phone dies it’s almost like getting it back alive is my top priority. My phone is my map, my only way to contact people, my lifeline, etc. When I deliberately turn it off at least I know I can turn it back on again.
Something semi-stressful or annoying, is that I do not have an Australian SIM so I constantly have 3G speeds unless connected to wifi. I’ve been running at these speeds for so long it is just normal for a web page to take 3-4 minutes to load. (When I go back to the states I think the new found speed will be so much for me I might pass out.) I find that I need to load a map or directions while on wifi then screenshot it. It is interesting to think that even when connected I feel like I’m not just because of the slow speeds.

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