the mixing pot that is earth

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As we progress forward in this world of modernization, the forces of globalization, capitalism and technology are all working together to make the world a smaller place in a sense. Together, they are effectively changing our sense of time and space of the world. Marx called it, the “annihilation of space by time”. So, as time progresses, these forces combines are destroying our sense of space. Technology and incredibly fast machines are making long distances shorter, and technology and the internet are making it easier to communicate to people who are far away at other places in the world.

However, some people are not happy about this expansion or the shift into a more global, cosmopolitan world. Rather, these more hearth minded communities would like to keep to themselves in their communities in their own places that they have lived in for many generations. Although I myself am more of a cosmopolitan as opposed to hearth oriented, I can definitely relate to this feeling of the need to protect and maintain the hearth.

I put myself in their position and imagine If I had lived in a place for 40+ years, and I notice new neighbors moving into my community, who don’t have the same goals as I, don’t have the same values as I, or have different interests as my current community. If this was to happen to me, and there are a lot of these foreigners coming in with no end in sight, I can understand that I may not feel the most comfortable about my community changing because of them. So, I can definitely understand and sympathize with people who feel that their community is changing towards a direction that they do not like.

I believe the cosmopolitans are also to blame for this sense of un-wantedness. I feel that the cosmopolitans or the people who are moving into a new society or community must be conscious and aware of the places they are moving to, and what places and values are important to their new community.  Because more and more people are becoming people of the world, people of multiple cultures and countries, a lot of us are slowly getting more mixed and diversified. The world has become a super huge mixing pot and places are getting transformed all the time.

However, the people that are against this transformation , also known as the hearth people, must also know and accept this change. They should be welcoming to the newcomers of a place, and with communication and trust, an even better community can be built with all of the people. I believe that communication and trust and openness are the undisputed values that we should prioritize. So that together, with both sides listening and understanding more, we can have a more together community of earth.


  1. Melvin,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. The conflict between “cosmos” and “hearths” is definitely significant. It is definitely clear that there is not a strong understanding between the two parties. I think your point that “communication and trust and openness are the undisputed values that we should prioritize,” is a great point because, with communication, the hearths and the cosmos will understand the world that one another live within. Despite popular belief, I believe that these two types of people can seamlessly coexist if the values you stated are acknowledged and upheld.

  2. Melvin! This definitely addresses the biggest conflict between the hearth and the cosmos. I definitely think that there are ways that both can (and should) benefit from one another, and a mutual understanding is absolutely key moving forward.

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