The Importance of Placemaking and Unlocking Community Capital

In News, SOP News, Art of Travel News by ProfLeave a Comment In Europe and North America, millions of citizens are moving back to cities and denser urban areas. These interconnected networks have served as hubs of innovation for centuries, providing our societies with the best opportunities to succeed, leading to the creation of the world’s most innovative products, companies, and people. With the rapid growth and production of the automobile in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, some people fled the rapid industrializing cities for rural life.

Today, this mass exodus has been reversed as millions of the world’s citizens are rushing back into thriving cities for the “hustle and bustle” of urban life. The close connections cities provide nurtures the sharing of ideas, cultures, and innovations that has long driven our society forward. They force residents out of their “comfort zone” and into interactions with someone who may have forever been a stranger. But now, a new friend, a future wife, the inspiration or community partner on that next “big idea” that will change the world, can be just down the block.

The Executive Director of United Nations agency for human settlement, UN-HABITAT, which seeks to improve the quality of urbanization across the globe, said of the importance of placemaking; “What defines a character of a city is its public space, not its private space. What defines the value of the private assets of the space are not the assets by themselves but the common assets. The value of the public good affects the value of the private good. We need to show every day that public spaces are an asset to a city.” Read more.

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