“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

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Do I find politics interesting? Yes. Do I find US politics interesting? No. My answer isn’t based on US politics as a whole — it is only on this election. As an Australian studying in the US, I have close to no ability to shape the future of the country. One that I may consider working in. It sucks! Especially due to the fact that Donald Trump may become president. Whether this statement will come back to haunt me in the future, who knows? However, my opinion is firm that his character is a dislikable one. Although some (but very few) of the policy changes he advocates for are agreeable, most are not. He is 100% racist, sexist and either misconstrues facts or blatantly lies on television. I mean, to state that global warming is created by the Chinese!? I thought the statement itself was ridiculous enough to grab your attention enough to click on my post. Although Australian politicians are not much better on the issue of climate change, such ridiculous statements can simply not come from the future president of the United States. Honestly, the entire election feels like I’m watching some kind of falsified reality TV show — it’s a joke.

Ok...I mean if you GUARANTEE it....

Ok…I mean if you GUARANTEE it….

All of my friends who I’ve talked to have at some point said something along the lines of: “I’m glad I’m going to be in Europe when the results are finalised!” I wholeheartedly agree. I’m glad I don’t have people asking me on a daily basis what I think of the most recent debate as I simply do not want hear about it while I am trying to enjoy my time abroad. Yet, still people here certainly ask about it. Last weekend in Amsterdam, my friends and I met an American who used to live in California however, he moved to Berlin about 2 years ago. After the conversation began to run dry, he popped the million dollar question: “Err…so what is up with our politics? Is what we see on the news true?” Unfortunately, we had the depressing task of telling him that yes, US politics is that messed up right now.
When people here ask me to explain why Trump has so much support, I find it incredibly difficult to answer. Even back home in Australia over the summer break, I had friends asking me the same question.  I either:

A) Offer to buy them a drink provided they never ask me the same question again.


B) Run away.

In all seriousness, I think it boils down to the fact that Hillary isn’t the most favourable candidate either. I think many who actually vote for Trump do it because they do not support Hillary. Those who actually support him think that he has a great businessman and can negotiate well with international parties which may lead to a stronger economy. While some of these reasons might be valid to some extent, it does not discount the fact that he has made the world think that American politics are a joke.

I think this has definitely been my most negative post yet. Looking back, the entire thing is just a rant. I am just so baffled at how the United States —a country of such immense global influence — will be potentially led by a man like Donald Trump. It literally makes no sense to me and I am sure many others agree with me. I recall one of my friends saying, “Why can’t we have someone cool like Justin Trudeau?”

I don’t know America, why can’t we?

Yep...Nothing I can do...

Yep…Nothing I can do…

PS: Here is the link to the video which appears in my featured image. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did something like this in a debate…


  1. Hi Jake!

    It’s really interesting reading your post, from an Australian perspective, after I just finished mine, about how I think Australians are perceiving this election. I mentioned that watching Australians watch our Presidential Debates is embarrassing, and you wrote that the election is “a joke.” And it is. I agree. It just hurts to hear it out loud from an Australian. You are right that the U.S. president has a strong global influence, and I do not know how we let it get this far. While in Sydney, I learned about what I guess is your equivalent to Trump, Pauline Hanson. The only difference is, she is not a Prime Minister candidate.

    Because both of us will most likely be studying and working in the states for the next four years, let’s hope that the “100% racist, sexist” does not win.

    I hope you are enjoying Prague and that this is your last “negative post.”

    Tamera 🙂

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