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My desk. When I sit down at my desk, my body and being changes modes. Desks are different, and each desk does different things to my body. The modes of both my mind and body shift according to the chair and desks that I sit in. At a desk in my high school, my mind and body shift to low power economy nap taking mode, to save energy for recess and lunch breaks. At home at my desk downstairs in front of my computer, my mind shifts gears into relaxation mode, to prepare me for the hours and hours of wed browsing and gaming. In the topic of The Spirit of a Place, I feel tat each desk really contains its own very specific spirit. A spirit that is effected by many variables such as the times that the table is used, the things that are done on that table, and where that table is. My favorite tables are the ones in my room at home in California. That table in my room has been through many phases of my life. I have done homework on that table, I have cried at that table, I have studied at that table, I have played video games at that table, and I have eaten so many snacks at that table. That table has been through so many parts of my life with me. Through the positive times and through the negative times, the table has acted as a backdrop for me to do my things, always being there and supporting me through the times.

I have even repainted the table from black to white. The table is dotted with scars and scribbles that are clues of the past lives of both me and the table. I used to write my schedules on the table, and now, I can see that in high school I took Computer Graphics, Geometry, Biology, and English. The table also bears scars of times that I have been very angry. The combination of actions and place and function combines to create a specific spirit of a place for each table. Everything else also has a spirit of place that comes from the activities that are done there, the location, and the purpose of the place.

My desk for me, is more than just a desk now. It also has a history that adds more meaning and creates a greater spirit of place for me. However, this spirit of place may not be felt by others. Only the people who are connected to the meaning of this desk for me knows the spirit of place for me.

Likewise, we cannot go to other people’s places and pretend that we understand what each place is. Just by reading their literature or their cultural values, we cannot pretend to understand their feelings and ideas completely. Only by walking in their shoes and sitting at their desks can we begin to feel what they’ve felt, and only then can be begin to understand.


  1. Hi Melvin! I love tables, so naturally I love your post! I find it interesting how you discuss that a sense of place can exist within just an object. Tables serve a variety of specific functions that foster a very important aspect of being a person. For instance dining tables encourages having communal meals and symbolize family. The oval table at the white house encourages discussions but still has a hierarchy or head tot the table. The power distribution is easily identified. The simple working desk is also very important and can be literally stained with thought, growth and time.

    1. Author

      Hey Lulu thanks for commenting on my post! I freaking like the way you wrote how tables can be “stained with thought, growth and time”.
      I also appreciate and notice that different tables have different functions and yeah the power distribution can be easily identified.

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