Documentary on Spanish Lake and White Flight

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Phillip Morton lived in Spanish Lake until the age of 10. On a visit back home to St. Louis from college in California he decided to visit the old neighborhood. He discovered his former home was vacant, his school was closed, and his church was closed. This motivated Morton to do a documentary on the changes in his hometown focusing heavily on white-flight.First I would like to congratulate Morton on making this film even though, as you will see, I don’t agree with all of his arguments and observations. It’s an honest film that interviews a lot of regular people and it isn’t always pretty. It also talks about an area of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, North St. Louis County, that is often overlooked by the local media. The media is focused on covering trendy or dangerous city neighborhoods or the wealthy western suburbs. North County doesn’t have the wealth of West County or conjure the aesthetic romanticism of inner-city ghettos.  Read more: St. Louis’ Spanish Lake, White Flight, and the Shrinking of the American Middle Class

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