Life at Via Rica

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My life in Florence has become pretty routine since I am so busy ALL THE TIME. I have classes on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, in which I am on the go the entire day.

Initially I planned to do the 30-minute uphill walk to campus to go to class, but that has not been working due to my love for snoozing my alarm. So on the days I have class my day begins at 7:30. I finally get out of bed around 7:55 and scramble to get ready and out the door by 8:15. I book it to the bus stop to catch the 8:22 bus that arrives to campus at 8:40. Before my 9:00 class I go to the cafe and enjoy a hot chocolate and croissant. I make my way to class (up yet another hill) and I have class until 11:45. We get one break in the middle, where I down a cappuccino in order to make it through the rest of my day. After class I meet up with my friends outside of the class building and we hang out for about 30 minutes. Then, I hike back over to the cafe for lunch with the other PA’s. At 13:30 I go to Italian class, and directly after I spring back to the city center for my photo class at 15:00. That is always a mad sprint since it is about a mile and a half away, but the professor agreed to give us a 15 minute extension to arrive to class. By 17:00 I finish classes, and I am exhausted! I return to my apartment at via Ricasoli and hang out with my suite mates. There are 10 of us in my apartment and we have all grown very close in the short amount of time. I am always thankful that somehow being in a room of 10 girls worked out so well! We do everything together!

Each evening we sit and have dinner together, which usually ends up with us drinking wine and having feminist or political debates. It is quite enjoyable and funny to be a part of my apartment squad. A few times a week we go to a local bar, but those occurrences are dwindling down as we all start to travel on the weekends.

Tuesday’s are my days to catch up on sleep and do work. I try to do my laundry, but of course the machines here take 900 hours to wash five shirts, so laundry is quite the process. But besides that, I have no complaints.

On Wednesday’s I am on the go from 8:00 until 23:00. I work in the OSL from 9-13, have class until 17:00, and then work the basketball league from 21-23. Wednesday’s are crazy! Especially since I leave Thursday nights to go on trips. I feel like I am constantly on the go. It is nice though, because I get to do it all with the friends I have made. We all have crazy schedules, but they overlap well, so we are all in it together. Whether its trekking to campus together or heading to the train station, I always have great company with me during this experience.

Life here has become pretty routine, and I am loving every second of it. I travel on the weekends with my roommates and friends in the program. It is nice to feel the close community here. I can’t wait for the rest of this semester!

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