How the Heat in Europe Is Affecting Travel

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A relentless heat wave across much of Europe is making travel difficult and uncomfortable for hotel owners and their guests.

“There’s been a high pressure dome reaching from Spain throughout Eastern Europe,” said Jonathan Erdman, a senior digital meteorologist for the Weather Channel. “It’s been persistent with very little cloud cover and has been camped out over most of the summer in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Romania.” The intensely hot weather, which began in Italy and the Balkans in the spring, has brought European temperatures to highs in the low 100s, dropping into the 80s only in the evening, he said.

The latest “State of the Climate” global report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, published in July, said that January to June was the hottest such period on record in parts of Western Europe, including Spain, Portugal, far southern France and Sicily. “According to Spain’s meteorological agency, AEMET, a record high in the country was set on July 13 — 47.3 degrees Celsius [117.1 Fahrenheit] — in Montoro,” Mr. Erdman said.

“The heat has gone on day after day after day in cities with lots of buildings and concrete and not many parks,” said Mr. Erdman, who recently experienced it firsthand on a multicity European tour. “There’s no break at night. You open a window hoping for a cool breeze, but you’re standing in front of a hair dryer.”

Nat Hake, from Denver, was recently in Berlin “in a very nice four-star hotel” but found the heat “fairly unbearable inside the rooms, which of course don’t have AC.”

Source: How the Heat in Europe Is Affecting Travel – The New York Times

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