Even Broke, Mark Twain Traveled in Style

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In 1895, a bankrupt Mark Twain embarked on a round-the-world speaking tour to pay his debts. It worked, but what we remember are his funny, acerbic travel notes.  Celebrity perks usually amount to a few comped bottles of champagne or courtside tickets.  A British railway once set aside 35 miles of mountain track in the Himalayas for Mark Twain to use as a private roller coaster ride. Six-seater car, a handbrake and a long way down if the car jumped the edge. (He expected it would.)  He shared that opinion with his wife and daughter just as they boarded.  In 1895/1896, in a mostly forgotten trip, Mark Twain traveled around the world, performing 90 minutes of stand-up in 71 different cities, across the United States and the fading British Empire, in Australia, New Zealand, India, Southern Africa. He spent almost 100 days at sea and 50 days sick in bed.  Read more.

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