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Study abroad has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. It was my first time stepping foot inside of Europe, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. Studying in Prague helped me learn, not just about the world, but about myself as well. I learned how I interacted in new environments, the type of traveller I was, and with a few existential crises, discovered who I am.

When I first started Art of Travel, I didn’t see much value in the blog posts. I looked at them as assignments that I would have to finish. However, after learning more about the course and our professor, I realized the course was as beneficial as I could make it. Art of Travel helped me recount all my travels and really helped me remember the significance of trips. I learned a lot from a cultural and historical perspective, but I learned the small facets of traveling that can really make or break your trips: the strangers who become your friends, avoiding (or maybe not avoiding) staged authenticity, and more. Art of Travel has really helped me dissect my trips and be able to analyze them more in depth. Also, it was a great opportunity to revisit the great memories I had in these various countries.

Surprisingly, throughout study abroad, I never got too homesick. Growing up, I had plenty of opportunities to leave home and explore the world on my own through various summer camps and extracurricular activities in school. I learned to be pretty independent on my own. This being said, I am still very excited to return to New York. Prague is a great city, but my first three semesters at NYU has solidified New York as my new home. I feel that when I do return home, I probably will be more mature. Regardless of what anyone says, studying abroad is a very growing experience. I have learned a lot and grown a lot as a person. I think with my more mature outlook, I am more self-motivated and driven to work hard and succeed. I’ve seen the value of the experiences I have had here, and with hard work, I can continue to have similar experiences in the future. Study abroad has opened my eyes to the world, and I only want to see more.

Studying abroad and this course were great experiences for me. I really enjoyed learning about the various topics we discussed and reading my classmates posts about their travels and experiences. While many disappointing or sad misfortunes have happened, there have been tenfold more great moments. Even as many years pass, I am confident that Prague is a city that will remain very dear to me. So many irreplaceable memories have happened while I was here, and it serves as a very important crossroad for me. Hopefully when I return to New York, I can continue to push myself to become more and more the person that I want to be.

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