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Hope and Dignity, can you survive without the carbs?

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“These people are not hand-picked failures. They are the human materials cruelly dislocated by the processes of human erosion. They have been scattered like the shavings from a clean-cutting plane, or like the dust of their farms, literally blown out.” – American Studies at the University of Virginia online In the 1930s, times were a’changing, and no one knew what …

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Dramatic Effect

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Dorothea Lange was an American documentary photojournalist. Her photographs humanized the consequences of the Great Depression. Lange was unarguably well-off with the profession of taking portrait photos for the rich, but she later devoted her entire career to traveling around the country and recording the real poverty-stricken society by taking portraits for migrant workers. I was incredibly impressed by the …

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Have I Seen Their Faces?

In The Travel Habit, Photo-Text books by Aadi1 Comment

The photo text book, “You Have Seen Their Faces,’ by Caldwell and Bourke-White, points towards a major issue in photojournalism, authenticity. The portraits themselves are completely authentic. but the captions the photographers chose to place under them are completely incorrect. They place an insane bias and twist the actual words of the people shot to a completely different meaning. This …

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Who Would Win In A Fight: Words vs. Images

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The most enjoyable reading this week was You Have Seen Their Faces by Erskine Caldwell and Margaret Bourke-White. The captions of each photograph were often humorous and evocative followed by a chapter that makes you think. The photographs were beautiful and demonstrated a time period from many different angles of the people suffering in it. Upon reading the full chapter …

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Authors of the Depression

In The Travel Habit, Photo-Text books by Dennis1 Comment

The correlation between the Great Depression and art is not obvious. For many people the Depression was little more than a time of great hardship for the nation. However, the Depression also gave birth to a new form of art that combined pictures and text together. Unlike similar pieces that may have come before the Depression era, these pieces were …

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An observation: notoriously unreliable.

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“How to proceed, to observe, see, hear, analyze, select, document, and present truly the essentials of a social situation?” I was intrigued by the Paul Taylor’s notes on the difference between statistical, and non-statistical accounts of the rural farmer’s situation back then in the forties. ‘He was not interested in averages, he was interested in people.’ is what the author’s …

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How Images Evoke Hopelessness

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Images are powerful in their ability to convey concepts and feelings that transcend words. Their ability to allow others to empathize with and have compassion for others is distinct from any other mediums of art. During the Great Depression, photos became more prevalent, since many, which clearly displayed the poor lifestyle of those in poverty, aided in garnering attention towards …

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The Real America

In The Travel Habit, Photo-Text books by Michael1 Comment

In Ilya Ilf and Evgney Petrov’s photo-narrative America Road Trip, the two Soviets travel across the United States in search of the the real America. The traveler’s journey begins in New York, an after spending a few days in the Big Apple, the two Russians conclude that they have begun “to understand America.” That is until they were told that …

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Interpreting Image

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What I appreciate most about pictures from the past is the room left to interpret them. Pictures today are cut, copied, and captioned. They’re even “geotagged” (the location of where the picture was taken is pinpointed). This week’s readings had the omnipresent theme of sympathy invoked. The people in these photographs are suffering. I took the liberty of interpreting the …

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True America

In The Travel Habit, Photo-Text books by Melanie1 Comment

In the travelogue American Roadtrip by Ilf and Petrov we see a depiction of the overall United States through the eyes of two foreigners. I thought it was a very interesting read with striking photographs even if most of them have been extensively damaged. One of the main themes observed by Ilf and Petrov is the idea that most Americans …

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The Power of a Photograph

In The Travel Habit, Photo-Text books by Agne1 Comment

Today we are surrounded by photographs; we receive our news from them, our entertainment, so it is easy to overlook their power. The photo-text book You Have Seen Their Faces was one of the many books that revolutionized how we see things because it presented images of people that were more powerful than any description could be. Erskine Caldwell and …

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Photographing the Depression

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Photo textbooks that were used to document the effects of the Great Depression on working class people are as telling now as they were back in the 1930s. Through the photographs and descriptive captions, we can learn that the Depression had a devastating effect on the human body. It’s fitting that Lange and Taylor should name their photo book American …

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Weary America

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“This right here is America” (pg. 13). This is the caption Petrov and Ilf would give to the picture above of the “intersection of two roads and a gas station against a background of wires and advertising billboards.” While cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago boast certain uniqueness, the two traveling Russian writers found the majority of America …

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The Faultless

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You Haven’t Seen Their Faces both glorifies and victimizes the impoverished of the south. “Mark against the South its failure to preserve its own culture and its refusal to accept the culture of the East and West.” Science and education have long been the enemy of southern culture. Agriculture in the North although it was on a much smaller scale …