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Sullivan’s Travels

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Lucas AcostaLeave a Comment

The ridiculous story that is Sullivan’s Travels portrays an affluent member of society attempting to live life like a bum. It’s a satire that has intense moments of clarity between absurdities. Sullivan is originally conveyed as the typical shallow citizen of the upper class who is ignorant to the plight of the underprivileged. He is a well-established film director who …

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The Barrow Gang

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Alessandro Harabin1 Comment

Arthur Penn’s Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 crime film about the most notorious gang of brigands the US had ever seen during the Depression. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker meet when Bonnie observes Clyde trying to steal her mothers’ car. Instead of being scared or calling the police, Bonnie is intrigued by Clyde to the point where she decides …

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Good/Bad Guys

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Jason Gabaee2 Comments

Bonnie and Clyde is much like the typical ‘On The Road’ story, only it involves bank robbing and shootouts. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker don’t come off as your typical criminals; however, there is a certain friendliness to them. Before her criminal days, Bonnie was simply a waitress who went with the flow, which made me question how much the …

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The Plow that Broke the Plains

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Ruben Zaccaroni3 Comments

This 1937 documentary explores the history and development of human activity in the Great Plains. It’s not a documentary about the people who moved to inhabit the plains, but rather about the plains themselves and how the presence of human activity changed them. The documentary starts with the initial settlement of the plains, when there wasn’t any human activity there …

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Bonnie and Clyde

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Amy Greenspan1 Comment

Bonnie and Clyde, the 1967 film, worked to present the couple as heroes of the Great Depression. The represent the good guys, the down and out. When Bonnie meets Clyde, instead of being put off by what he does, she is exhilarated by it. This speaks to the times: the country was in such a bad state that the idea …

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Easy Living (1937)

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Spencer Carle2 Comments

For my final post I decided to watch the 1937 movie Easy Living. I chose this movie because of the excellent song by Billie Holliday with the same name, and the extreme irony inherent in the title. Given the widespread unemployment and hardship across America at the time, many people were not living easily at all. The movie is a …

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The American Soul: “Soul of A People”

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Aroushi3 Comments

The documentary “Soul of A People: Writing America’s Story” focuses on Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, more so on the fact that the government authorities believed that people have talent, regardless of their socioeconomic conditions or even “lack of luck”. The resonant concept of “We Understand You” helped people on both the economic and psychological front – by motivating and uplift themselves from the once-destitute …

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Return to the Land

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Jessie Cao2 Comments

“Our Daily Bread” is a movie about the unplowed (both city dwellers and farmers) coming together and finding a common solution to their social struggle. The young protagonist, John found himself jobless in the city, and he and his wife Mary moves to live on a farm owned by her uncle. As a city dweller, John finds himself in a …

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The Philadelphia Story (1940) or Getting Away From Getting Away From It All

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Andrew Karpan1 Comment

In all this flurry of the 1930s as the post-decadence decade of rebellion from the City, as progenitor of everything wrong with the economic and social condition: Grapes of Wrath, It Happened One Night, etc. It is given a personal representation and such and such a representation must be departed from, a John L. Sullivan who must explore the wider and …

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The Grapes of Wrath

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Nicole2 Comments

While we watched some scenes from the film The Grapes of Wrath in class, watching the entire film was a pleasant and more complete experience. Overall, it seemed a bit softer than the novel. While it contained some dramatic scenes that were high in human emotion, the rest of the film seemed to be more about the family’s never ending journey than …

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Mother river mother land

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Frank Cheng1 Comment

This is a movie that wouldn’t be out of date if put on the big screen today. Despite the technology from the 30s I would say the material of the movie and its emphasis on the environment is something we talk about nowadays. Lorentz gave us a beautiful piece of movie that talked about the story of the great plains …

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Giddy Up

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Jack2 Comments

Seabiscuit takes every trope of American success and smashes it together with horse racing.  What would three straight white men be without a horse that represents the economic conditions of an entire country? The four main characters of Seabiscuit cover depression stereotypes.  Red, the Canadian played by Toby Maquire, comes from a family financially ruined by the depression, and resorts …

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Bonnie and Clyde

In The Travel Habit, 12. Movies by Zoe Hall2 Comments

The characters of Bonnie and Clyde depicted in the 1967 film starring Warren Beatty and and Faye Dunaway does an excellent job humanizing two of the most infamous criminals. Once they begin their life of crime, they meet a man who had just lost his house. They give this man an opportunity to shoot at the sign that shows his …